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[CA, AU, PH, NZ] The Sandbox 2 (by PIXOWL INC.)

03-09-2016, 02:03 AM
[CA, AU, PH, NZ] The Sandbox 2 (by PIXOWL INC.)

Old soft-launch thread

03-09-2016, 02:05 AM

Another sequel of The sandbox game. Great pixel arts with mind blowing puzzles.


03-09-2016, 02:05 AM
Yeah Nice game!

checkout the new features on their beta thread http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=270021
Can't wait to get a spaceship and see what i can do with it

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03-09-2016, 12:16 PM
Ok it is a new app so does the players that unlocked the full 15$ game in the first one get the second one unlocked ... If not I think I will skip this one sense I just bought 15$ iAP in the first one -_-

Some tell me this doesn't require wifi connection or I'm really done the first sandbox does not require wifi connection

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03-09-2016, 12:35 PM
Never played the first one but I've heard a lot of good things and this looks really cool. Looking forward to trying it out later.
03-09-2016, 01:33 PM

I really do like The Sandbox 2 so far but at the current moment there is a really big Game Breaker for me in the Game that I would like to mention before it get`s overlooked and stays the current way in the Game (which would pretty much make it almost impossible for me to enjoy it!).

So far I have played through the Tutorials in the Game and have noticed that often when the Game gives you a task to complete you can only zoom in and out but not really move the camera around.

Sometimes this isn`t really an issue at all but (at least in my case) it`s a huge pain in the ass since I really want to have fully control over the Camera so I can move it around, Zoom In/Out, and place the Pixels exactly where I want those to be.

With the current Build (v 0.5.2) I'm having really very often a lot of issues to place a Pixel where I want to have it on my iPhone6s/iPhone 6s+ that I already did Rage Quit some of the early Tutorial Missions (I did cut out those moments in the Video since it wouldn`t represent the overall quality of the Game at all!) because of the current Camera Limitations makes it not possible for me to place the Pixel where I wanted it to be or worse I did erase a Pixel that I wasn`t allowed to remove and so I had to start over the complete Tutorial Mission.

Im not begging for it to be changed but considering that this is really the first time were such an limitation is literally killing the hole Game for me I thought that it is worth being mentioned before someone else might not give the Game a try after they had the same experience as I had with the Game so far.

Besides that Camera-Thing I really did enjoy playing the Game also I have to say that I really would like to see those two Main Characters in the Game at least "Talking" (similar to The Sims" Style and not only read those Speech Bubbles on my own) from time to time.

I hope I don't sound to negative since the rest of the Game is as always terrific as I had already expected it from Pixowl

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03-09-2016, 03:34 PM
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This looks really interesting. What's the campaign like? As in objectives and play style etc. also, what's the pay model? Thanks for vids too guys!
03-10-2016, 06:15 PM
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A couple minutes of gameplay The Sandbox 2

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03-12-2016, 03:57 PM
When is this releasing worldwide ?
04-13-2016, 08:28 PM
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Hello everyone

You can follow the main thread where we share news on the game here:

On the front of developers news, we've recently added to ‪#‎thesandbox2‬ a Ninja hero with many new skills and a whole new set of traps, enemies and checkpoints!

And of course there will be a full campaign of levels with him

How cool is it? What do you think of the art & gameplay?

Youtube link | Pop Up

(ps: yes sfx sounds are placeholders)

The Sandbox 2 Team

The Sandbox - Play God & Create Worlds with Life or Destroy everything within a tap of your finger!

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