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App description: Economic simulation on mars!

Mars is known as the Red Planet. But this is going to change in Mars Tomorrow. Humans inhabited the once hostile to life planet and took care of turning it into a green and habitable place. By terraforming, Mars is becoming a planet for the new Martians.
From red to green

In the game Mars Tomorrow your aim is the colonizing the planet in order to transform it into a green planet. The player takes the role of a brave colonist. With the Earth being anything but habitable, the player has to try his luck as a Martian. The settlement project is called Mars Tomorrow and is the beginning of the operation Life on Mars and let you start colonizing Mars with other new Martians.
The birth of their own colony

However, general living conditions are hardly met on Mars as it is. The red planet seems to be bleak and arid - not even grass grows in the dreary wasteland. At the beginning of your mission you need to gather resources, which are urgently needed for the colonization of Mars. These include water, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Once this is done, all the raw materials are used to produce vital products. The Mars Rovers take care of the transportation to the colony, which will grow over time. As your colony grows, more and more people will decide to settle on Mars. The new residents of the colony help in increasing the colony and a thriving economy will soon be established. Once the economy grows, greenhouse gases are emitted, forming an Earth-like atmosphere. The resulting clouds, rain, rivers, lakes and algae enable the transformation of a formerly red to a green planet.
Prospering economy

At first glance, Mars Tomorrow appears as a simple building game. However, with increasing population comes a significant increase in the challenges of the economic simulation part of the game. All tasks must be coordinated, so that the economy does not collapse and the survival of the population can be ensured. Once the Mars Rover brought the resources to the colony, terraforming is performed. The larger the population, the more resources are needed. The player is faced with the question: How to master both, economic and environmental difficulties. At first, every Martian only controls a few Mars Rovers, which can be improved by "plug-ins". The Mars itself changes every ten days, so the player is faced with many new challenges. Overall, there are eight phases that ultimately give the planet its green appearance and enabling Earth-like conditions on Mars. In each phase, there is also a new type of vehicle.
Together for a better life

Life on Mars is not designed by a player alone, but together with several players to experience and enjoy the game together, which makes the game very communicative. Certain resources supply the player Terra points. At the end of a round they will be compared with the points of the other players. The player with the highest Terra point score wins the round. However, not only the winner of a round receives a goodie. The best players of each round will be able to win Tritium, which will be added directly into their account at the beginning of the new round. In the world of Mars Tomorrow Tritium is eventually used to buy settlers accounts, plug-ins and much more. All rounds in Free to Play-mode are nonviolent.
03-15-2016, 02:59 PM
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Can`t really say much about the Game so far since those hole stats at the beginning and what you can do and what you can`t to at the beginning kinda left me a bit speachless.

I was one of the Backer on Kickstarter (even the Game didn`t made it in the end over the finishing line) but it`s nice to see the Game finally launched on the AppStore and out into the Wild.

I`ll definitly give the Game another try to see how the Core Gameplay Mechanics are working but as far as I can tell the current Tutorial is just a bit to much information at the beginning and instead of the current Tutorial it would have been probably better to create an Offline Tutorial where the Core Basics would be slowly teached to the player instead of the way it currently does.

Similar to an Prolog or Training on Earth where the Basics get you teached at a NASA HQ before a Rocket does launch and you finally get on Mars and can join the Mars Tomorrow Project.