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NOT a game! Sound Chip Emulator. Build your own Chiptunes 'SidTracker64' $12.99>1.99

03-16-2016, 07:43 AM
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NOT a game! Sound Chip Emulator. Build your own Chiptunes 'SidTracker64' $12.99>1.99

Highly recommended for game devs! Or for everyone who loves the original 80s game sounds. Pure retro. Emulates the famous original Commodore 64 SID/MOS Chip—one of the most important computer chips of all time. It's very close to the real thing (mono of course).

An interactive computer museum. Don't get fooled by the first video (below). It's professional music making software. A fully fledged synthesizer! Supports Audiobus, MIDI, and Apple's Inter-App Audio. Tons of features. First sale ever (since it was published mid 2015)!

I tried it together with Frobulator (as an app for the Audiobus FX slot) and it sounds awesome!

SidTracker64 is easy to handle, it has nothing to do with the complicated early trackers ages ago. There are 12 demo tracks inside (load them via the disc icon above left, then hit the play button in the main window), they alone are worth the two bucks if you ask me. My favorites: Blood Money and Escape from Malmoe. Here you have something to read:


Alternatives to SidTracker64: SquareSynth, SunVox, monotone delay. Those are the best Chiptunes-Synths in the App Store.

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03-18-2016, 03:46 PM
I have to say thank you for posting this on the forums. I just spent an hour or so being blown away by this app. Literally the best $2 I have ever spent in the AppStore. I would have never known how much fun I could have playing with music. Recommend everyone here give this a whirl. Tutorials are helpful and easy to apply seamlessly to your project. Bottom of my heart, thank you! I'm jotting down a quick review for the AppStore, this should be on the editors choice list honestly. Cheers!
03-20-2016, 02:02 AM
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Yeah, having fun with this. I'm a sucker for chiptune.
03-23-2016, 11:06 PM
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03-24-2016, 05:19 PM
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True survivor - Kung fury, this track sold me. So much work behind this!