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App description: X-Hero Defense is the kind of defense tower game in which the player can control the hero to protect the castle from the monsters attack.
In the years BC, when our world in under the risk of horrible Monsters invasion, of which your castle is in danger as well. As a hero, you are responsible for defending your castle and people there. The players have the enjoyable feeling of killing the monsters and defend the castle safe and sound with the experience of amazing 3D graphics and imposing skill effect.

There are 3 heroes of different features:
+ Yin (Silent Assassin) : Yin tears enemies down by her absolute strength, leaves the battlefield behind with fears and screams. The disadvantage is, she is the short- distanced hero, which makes her just attack the monsters in hand-to-hand battle.
+ Alicia (Wind Master) : With Triple Shot and Rain of Arrow, Alicia makes her enemies feel painfully until dead. Her weakness is the low blood and amor level, leading death easily with the monsters in near distance.
+ Sophie (Dark Magician) : A master of the Dark Magic, Sophie releases powerful flames and burns her foes down to ashes. The drawback, she is also in the low blood, armor and damaged easily.

Rise your skills in every fight and gain the necessary strength to defeat the Monsters. X-Hero Defense will help you fight your way to a glorious and victorious win while demonstrating your battle superiority and you can protect your castle as well as our earth.

Features of X-Hero Defense:

Free game app
All age Hero game
Fun Defense Tower game
Amazing user experience
Great high definition graphics
Fully customizable game menu
Awesome user experience and GUI
Simple to use interface/challenging game.

Now is the time to challenge your friends to a fabulous game of X-Hero Defense.This Defense game is promisingly one of the most haunted Hero games, so do not hesitate to call on friends to the magical battle to experience the thrill of killing!

Hope you enjoy playing this X-Hero Defense and we invite you to contact us if you have suggestions or feedback for us. Reach us at: info@jupitech.co
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Wanted to play but having an ad pop up during the tutorial was kinda a showstopper for me.
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I don't think any ads are enabled. Please check again