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[Buddy Rush 2] Global Launch Today!!

03-24-2016, 12:17 AM
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[Buddy Rush 2] Globally Launched NOW!

Hey guys!

Don’t know if you’ve ever played BUDDY RUSH back in the day on FB or your phone but the sequel was just released (Thursday)!!! Get the game early for extra rewards!

https://itunes.apple.com/app/buddy-rush-the-legends/id1088115986?mt=8&referrer=ck%3D352378&sn=60903464 4


So basically Buddy Rush: Return of the Legends is an action RPG with ridiculously cute and customizable characters. We really can’t emphasize how cute the characters are.. just let the photos speak for themselves. The people who has played Ragnarok Online or Maple Story will understand how fun it is to farm, craft, and equip your characters with cute fancy gear.

Cute Characters Fighting Cute Monsters to Get Cute Items

- We cannot emphasis the CUTE in the game enough!
- Simple but challenging leveling system with async PVP arenas

14 Unique Buddies (currently 14, more to be released) with 3 Elements and 5 Levels of Evolution

- Make the ultimate team of Buddies to fight against and defeat the gangs of Bad Buddies!
- Each Buddy is equipped with their own unique skills (differs between elements) and evolution system.
- Strategy is key: Optimize your team by having a good mix of Elements and Buddies
- Upgrade and customize your Buddies with dropped items, crafted items and rare items from gacha!

Various Game-Modes and Maps for Maximum Fun

- Mission Mode: Dungeons/maps to fight against Bad Buddies and get loot!
- Challenge Mode: Go exploring with your team of buddies and gather material for evolution!
- Arena Mode: Go head to head with other teams of Buddies and show them who’s boss!
- Raid Mode: Fight HUGE Bad Buddies with the help from friends and get EPIC loot!
- Castle of Crisis (coming soon): Defend your castle and attack your friends’ castles! This is War!
- Craft, Customize, Evolve, Gacha!
- Simple crafting system to create wearable gear and deadly weapons.
- Customize! Thousands of wearable cute gear which also enhances your Buddy’s stats!
- Evolve your Buddies to make them stronger and look even more badass!
- Fun Gacha system lets you get random Buddies, weapons and gear!

Useful Links:
Pre-registration: http://www.buddyrush2.com/preregistration/ (mobile friendly: http://goo.gl/forms/hvkft4PSRy)
Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/buddyrush


Youtube link | Pop Up

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03-24-2016, 01:18 AM
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Out at what time? Timezone?

03-24-2016, 05:09 AM
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I remember playing the hell out of Buddy Rush. I'm pretty excited to play this one.
03-24-2016, 07:29 AM
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We're live!
03-24-2016, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by LatisGlobal View Post
We're live!
Yay! Congrats! Downloading now.
03-24-2016, 12:06 PM
Haha cool game.. maybe should name the thread to Buddy Rush: The Legends.. Here's my gameplay video:

03-24-2016, 04:08 PM
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Add me guys: FanAngeL