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App description: The 3rd instalment of the critically acclaimed unique visual novel meets time-management game series Bar Oasis.

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Enjoy the continued story of Bar Oasis in the visual novel styled STORY MODE as the global recession has hit the neighbourhood and everyone's suffering, except Boss, who rarely visits Bar Oasis, as he's busy writing his first book. Before his disappearing act, Boss hired a pole dancer called Lucy to pole dance in the bar, as well as Carla (whose own bar is going through a renovation) to spend precious off-time keeping an eye on Vic. High flying accountant Desree is running around like crazy, trying to save as many small businesses in the neighbourhood from going under. Other high flyer Eric has also re-appeared onto the scene, making an "offer" to Desree... All this while Risa's in the US trying to launch her album and career, while spending her down-time at a local watering hole that feels like Bar Oasis. Vic (you) is caught in the middle of it all, doing his best to run the bar, listen to everyones problems and also try to deal with his own life too! Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Bar Oasis, just have a seat and drink it all in!

Learn how to make around 100 real drinks that're served in bars around the world with easy-to-follow instructions in the MAKE DRINKS. There're even some original cocktails made just for the game, such as Boa Noite, Desree and Soul Mate. Even the over 100 liquors and ingredients used to make the drinks are real. liquors! Learn about all the different drinks and liquors and use the drink list and recipes to impress your friends next time you're in a bar, or even making a drink yourself!

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This game is intended solely for users of legal drinking age, and is not intended to encourage drinking in any way.
Each user takes full responsibility for making sure that they are of legal drinking age in their respective region.
03-24-2016, 04:28 AM
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03-24-2016, 10:16 AM
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Picked this up earlier but haven't had a chance to spend much time with it. Disappointed that this series is STILL formatted for iPhone 4 units and not 5 and 6, leaving a large border and unresponsive area at the bottom. But I'm still happy to see more Bar Oasis. After a long break, I thought the series might be finished. For me, it's something a little different and has some lovely small storytelling in a way that feels quite rare, or at least among the games I play.

If you haven't played one before, I'd recommend picking up the first one and giving it a go.