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Forever Death Racing Game-Modern Armored : Bike Attack

03-24-2016, 11:49 PM
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Forever Death Racing Game-Modern Armored : Bike Attack

Modern Armored: Bike Attack! Are you ready bike racing that look like a real bike racing? in this game you are being attacked by the opponent armoured.you have to defend yourself by facing the modern enemy attack. Modern Armoured Bike Attack is a free modern action and easy to play game especially for all kind of children .Modern Armoured Bike Attack is a death race, you will face insane attack from your opponent. Modern Armoured Bike Attack is not a simple race or shooting game, its really a death race gun shooting game to destroy opponents war assault alike zombie games. Get yourself ready to enter the racing war zone. Get yourself ready to destroy, burn and kill the terrorist’s bikes and their snipers equipped with modern warfare gadgets.

Download Free: Modern Armored: Bike Attack!
How to Play
- Start with auto-acceleration.
- Tilt your device to control game.
- Press Fire, to shoot opponents.
- Hurdles: Road stands, water tankers, road blocks, and rivals vehicles.
- Follow the enemy, shoot, fire them
Armored Shoot Racing Amazing Features
- 5 Breathtaking, sensational and amazing missions.
- Best vivid, real 3D, HD Graphics in war game.
- Realistic Military base.
- Furious Opponents Critical striker enemy cars.
- Best sports game ever.
- Stunning background sounds and music enhance the game experience.
- Day and night time game modes.
- Addictive game, best road conditions for death race.
- Realistic, best vision objects along side of highway and tracks.
- Best in all games online, road games, racing games, gun shooting games, and sport games.
- Best bikes, car physics, on death race.
- Need Fast and furious for fast cars.
- You can share game result with friend on Face book.
- War against the warriors of road games become group shot champion.
- Combat racing, Military vehicle loaded heavy machine guns.
- Challenge your friends to kill terrorists, a fight of the army throne.
- Realistic group shot ever seen in car racing games.
03-29-2016, 01:22 AM
nice game