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App description: Welcome to your new arcade basketball addiction.

Simple. Addictive. Totally fun.

Four game modes and eight different powerups mean lots of crazy basketball gameplay!

Many playable characters and worlds to unlock. Level up your favorite character and crush the competition on the leaderboards.

This is the new definitive arcade basketball time waster game. It's the funnest basketball shooting game you will ever find.

Experience the madness of March this year with Ballyhoop!

Boardumb's comments:

03-31-2016, 04:11 PM
Hello toucharcade folks!

Bazola here, developer of VoxelCity and now Ballyhoop for iOS. I'm here to let you know that I am watching this thread for any kind of feedback on my game, so please post your thoughts if you give it a try. It's free, so you should!

The game is a 2D basketball shooting game with powerups and upgradeable characters. There's also online leaderboards (no Game Center, so no need to worry about the GC bug). I know there are some high score junkies on here so I hope that you will take a look.

I would hand out some promo codes for the IAP, but apparently Apple doesn't offer me a way to do that The in game currency comes quickly though so it is easy to unlock everything for free just by playing the game.
04-22-2016, 05:23 PM
I've been trying the game and it's quite entertaining. It's a high score chaser in the traditional way. Gameplay is aiming-based, and there are lots of unlockable characters and sceneries (worlds) to play on. The objective -aside from the obvious "get the ball in the basket"- is to try and hit powerups with the ball while it travels towards the basket. This is what ends up being the tricky part, because you'll end up throwing long vertical shots just to capture the witch powerup to get 7-8 quick autoshots (to put an example).

There are three game modes: practice, challenge and time trial, which are self-explanatory. The one I like the most is the challenge one.

IAP, from what I've seen, are basically an ad removal (which acts as coin doubler too), an unlock all worlds IAP and an unlock all characters IAP.

All in all, a good game to invest your time trying to increase your high score in those spare moments you have throughout the day.

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