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App description: Enter the fast paced and exciting world of Runway on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You start the game as the lead Air Traffic Controller at Honolulu International Airport. Help Gulfstream G650 aircraft land at your airport before they run out of fuel. Direct them to the gate to unload passengers and to the fuel depot to prepare for their outbound journey. Then it is time for more passengers and a timely takeoff.

The fun is just beginning. Move on to the rolling hills of San Francisco and say hello to the Boeing 737. The challenge continues in the mountains of Geneva, Switzerland with hungry passengers and a special food service. If you master that, be the first to fly the Airbus A380 in the bustling port of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If you can handle that double decker, continue east to the tricky landings and urban life of Hong Kong and repair planes flying in from far away. Prove your mettle at busy and crowded JFK International in New York City and at London's Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom. Then head down under to Sydneys Kingsford Smith Airport where FedEx planes load up parcels before they head out. Complete your adventure at Tokyo Narita where yummy sushi awaits your hungry passengers!
10-10-2009, 09:42 AM
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A Diamond in the Rough!

Hey Gang,

While the game can't quite claim to have the level of polish as Flight Control or Harbor Master, the concepts here are pretty darned clever and original.

Actually it might be seen as a bit of a hybrid of Flight Control and Airport Mania.

Your job is to land craft (no trail drawing for this, just click on plane and then runway), unload the passengers, fuel up, load passengers, and take off. Your plane will have a little icon showing which step it needs to complete next (it isn't like you can decide, "screw the fuel and passengers, I'm just going to immediately take off again"). Each step is handled in a different part of the airport and you need to route these puppies so they don't bump into each other as you're doing this. You receive a point for each aircraft you send back out and lose a life for each collision (or plane you allow to crash if you have it waiting too long to land). In later airports (6 are included( they add more facilities like repair bays and food stands which means more potential areas to navigate to without bumping anybody before you can take off again.

I'm about to give Airport Mania Lite a go but gather that it, while having many of the same going to different points to fuel/load/repair etc., I don't think it has all of the Flight Control like line drawing fun.

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