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App description: Friends! We offer you one of the many favorite series about stikmen games.
The game's plot:
In the game you have to eliminate the criminals to release the petition does not guests from the houses of civilians. You are a secret agent of the national security of the country and in your best interest to eliminate the terrorists. You will be working undercover. Behind your back will always be the world order and the people in black clothes. For you will be fighting other super secret mercenaries.
But how to eliminate the enemies? This is up to you. It is up to you to determine the success of counter-terrorism operations. Can you use the materials at hand, or using one of the most popular super heroes? And it can be just enough to catch the right moment and did not make any effort? After all, time is unlimited, so you can safely, slowly, to think and to show all your imagination. The game will delight not only fans think, analyze the situation, but also those who love to spend time not boring, sometimes delighting ridiculous situations. If you want to brighten up your boring day interesting, entertaining game with colorful graphics and addictive gempleem, then Stickman Killer perfectly cope with this. The game is absolutely free.
Graphics and animation:
Graphics juicy, made at a high level. Animation fun, sometimes funny, that can not affect the good mood. Good musical accompaniment that complements the bright colors of the game. The game engine has Adobe AIR 2D, which will allow you to enjoy this wonderful game on any mobile device based on the android. The game has a low requests for your hardware, the picture will go without tormazit.
The gameplay:
The game consists of three locations. At each location there will be five criminals. Each must be killed in a unique way. For example, you can kill stikmana chandelier, another hitman to kill the window. Another stikman suffocate in the garage working on cars. Another stikman spotyknetsya on the steps and die. One will take even a flying saucer from the window. In the second one location stikman die under the wheels of the car, to another tree falls on the third meteorite fall, the fourth will kill a black man. In the third location stikman first die of a broken heart, because he sees the ghost. The second die of zombies. The fourth enemy is going to die from that collapse beneath the floor, and on the fifth stikmana toy Samurai fall and strike him through the head of his sharp sword.
The game is free

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Good graphics but need more attention on it

Good graphics but need more attention on it