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App description: Tap to switch the side your character proceeds on and dodge every single enemy object that comes in your way in your rush for the highest score.

Compete with your friends for the highest score in this never-ending game of choosing the right side that will get you through the colourful procedurally generated world which brings a challenge to your reaction timing whereas this game is an addictive fast-paced experience.

Multi Levels:
There are several levels randomly added every time you start a new game.

Collect Stars:
Collect them every time so you can choose and buy over 10 characters.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions regarding the game or if you find any bugs you'd like to report.
Email: contact@sidesgame.com

Kugelbits's comments:

Hello folks,

Sides comes back with a big update, check out the new trailer video of the game, I'm very excited for this one and I'd really like you guys to get involved. I would love to get some feedback and/or suggestions regarding the game. The game got improved a lot since I posted this thread on toucharcade and I really have a lot of faith in this game after this update, kindly check it out.

If you'd like to send us a private message with a question, suggestion or even feedback, I'll have my eyes on the inbox.

Update list:
  • -a lot fixed a lot of bugs (especially focused on the crashes, there's shouldn't be any crash now);
  • -new UI which is much easier to use, the shop is now included in the game over screen;
  • -new characters each one featuring a different trail, a different death effect and different sounds
  • -many more features, better stability, yet the same addictive experience;

Looking forward to your questions and/or suggestions.
04-27-2016, 02:24 PM
Joined: Apr 2016
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Hello everyone,

Since the game got this big update whereas a lot of features of the game changed (new UI, new characters, fixed crashes, fixed bugs and many more), I would really love to get some feedback for the game, it really is important for me to have questions and/or suggestions from other people to help me improve the game.

Thanks in advance,