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App description: Run, dash and clash with robots and drones in Robot Clash Run! Sprint through a unique, fun, fast and challenging endless runner with endless colorful slopes, twists, turns and tunnels.

Jump, kick, fly and switch lanes as you run through fun arcade-style levels, catching as many burgers, fries and pizzas as you can! The more you grab, the more points you earn! Test your reflexes in this addicting platformer that leaves you running back for more.

Clash and defend Earth from a Clan of Evil Robots and Drones as you run, jump and kick them off every platform, even in the sky! Sound easy? Dodge hundreds of obstacles and see how far you can run!

Start running in Robot Clash Run!

Robot Clash Run Features:
- Run as fast as you can in challenging levels
- Collect burgers, fries and pizza to fuel up for your endless run
- Jump, kick and fly! Use all of your options to defeat flying drones, menacing mechs and even fire hot dog missiles to fire robots off the ground
- Raid drones to take over their deliveries of fries
- Hunt down spy robots in the sky and on the ground
- Fly! Use a jetpack boost to help you collect floating fries
- Use special powers to help you tackle the machines and advance in your quest
- Dont stop running with our pixel perfect animations and game physics
- Simple touch controls

Are you ready to take part in the race against the machines? See how far you can run in Robot Clash Run today!

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ShekooGames's comments:

Shekoo Games presents, for the first time ever, a game to feature In Air Action !!! Kick Drones out of the Sky !

In a town not so far away, just as the weather is about to get nice and warm, a swarm of Robots have attacked.
Careful, they are sometimes cloaked and may manifest suddenly to get you !

- Dash as far as you can
- Collect burgers, fries and pizza to fuel up !
- Kick Ground Robots out of your way
- Fly to kick drones out of the sky
- Jump High to collect Floating Fries !!
- Fire Hot Dogs missiles to Kick robots off the ground
- Special powers to help you tackle the machines and advance in your quest
- Get instructions from mystery helpers, follow their commands.

Help school kids, insects, animals, machines, who all came out in Earth's defense !

- Help the engineer responsible for the Hot Dog, have a field day out.
- Get your friends and family, have them see what you do to these bad tin can's
- See Robots fly off and scream in pain, when they feel the burn of your boots.

Join the group of protectors who will not tolerate the machines taking over the earth, daring chases, food fights, flying drones and other secrets awaits who dares to enter this arena to kick some RO-BUTT !!

A fun HD High Quality detailed graphics,thrilling, heart pumping action, for the entire family to enjoy.
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solid arcade game, oriented mostly for kids and youngsr ones
not so bad, not so good
have some problems with controling the character avoiding the obstacles

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