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App description: A sticker pack from Sailor Moon Drops!
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[Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on your smartphone for the first time]
The Sailor Guardians are cuter than ever as they take on their greatest challenge yet: puzzles!

The rules are simple! Just line up three of the same pieces to clear them.
Your characters will level up as you clear stages! You'll also unlock cute new poses and powerful special moves.
Find new friends and unlock new chapters in the story!
Gather the collection pieces and unlock cute wallpapers.
Play with your friends!
Work together or compete against each other!
Look out for more of your favorite characters in the future.
Play in either portrait or landscape!
- "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Drops" is free to play and can be completed without making any purchases, but it is possible to buy "moves", "boosters" and other items through in-app purchases.
- Please read the app's terms and conditions.
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04-14-2016, 01:24 PM
Is the ranking system not implemented yet?
04-14-2016, 06:44 PM

SailorMoon Drops by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. feels alot like a Fan Service for those that know the Franchise since the early 90' and therefor those that don`t know the Sailor Moon Franchise yet might feel a bit strange at the beginning but trust me that it`s a lot of fun if you understand the Storyplot a bit and why Usagi Tsukino aka Sailer Moon behaves how she does and the the talking Cat Luna is supporting her in her role as a Sailor Guardian and of course the other Girls too.

As I dont want to spoil too much of the Story Plot around Usagi Tsukino let`s get straight to the Gameplay:

SailorMoon Drops is a classic Match 3 Game that has here and there the typical Core Gameplay Mechanics that you would expect from such a Game and therefore depending on how many of the different colored Stones you match in the Game you will get a different result which can as always be used in different ways to your own advantage.

As usual you will also find the usual Bonus Items in the Game that are obtainable in the Game by either playing through the different Levels of the Game or by buying those in the InGame Store Gems which are available either for real Money ($$$) or by just playing through some of the later Levels/Boss Fights.

So far I have spent around one hour with the Game and besides that the Game needed some Files to download at the first time I did loaded it up no other issues had appeared during my Gameplay Run.


I grow up with cartoons like Captain Future, Transformers,... before I switched off completely over to Anime/Mangas like Sailor Moon and Mila Ayuhara and so I enjoyed seeing Sailer Moon and the other Girls very much.

I still remember that I was always wondering why Luna wasn't just spanking Sailer Moon each single time when Usagi was again stubborn and was standing only through that in her own way so I really appreciate that she does behave exactly like she did in the Anime/Manga and Luna still does her best to support her and nobody did touched or changed the Story too much.

But let`s talk about the Game again and not too much about the Story itself:

Rating: 5/5

SailorMoon Drops is a 100% Fan Service and therefore I can only give it a straight 5/5 Rating because of the nostalgic Bonus it does get from me. Would I have to rate it without knowing the Franchise behind it I would probably give it after the first hour with the Game a 4/5 Rating since the Puzzle in the Game are solid, the presentation of the Game does reflect the current Standards if it comes to the Genre and the InGame Store in the Game isn`t constandly shoved into my face every couple of minutes.

If you enjoyed watching Sailer Moon you will enjoy playing the Game and for those that enjoy Match 3 Games I am pretty sure will too enjoy playing it.
04-22-2016, 10:37 PM
Desperately needs a button in the settings menu to turn off hints!