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App description: An adventure RPG where you travel in search of a legendary sword!

Defeat enemies in style with powerful, dazzling skills!

Dungeon Farming and Gear Creation
Explore dungeons and gather materials to create new gear!
Use enhancement to boost your skills! Use upgrade to make even better gear!

Combine Powerful Skills
Maximize your effectiveness in battle by combining a variety of skills such as sword skills, ranged magic attacks and buffs!
Use skill smelting to obtain the skill you want right away!

Enjoy Both Automatic and Hands-On Fighting!
We provide you with both the convenience of automatic controls and the fun of hands-on fighting!
Use automatic mode for simple farming! And control your character yourself for epic battles in dungeons!

Melee Battles in the Arena
The arena is where insane melee battles take place with up to 10 people fighting each other!
Show off the strength of your heroes and gear!

A Variety of Content
A variety of dungeons to explore such as normal, elite and daily, as well as differentiated rewards for each!
Character skills that get even stronger via training!
Not to mention costumes, mission rewards and all kinds of events!


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04-15-2016, 03:02 PM
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This looks good n sounds interesting, but I bet it's ruined by iap and p2w.
It looks like a game that was released a few years ago, but I can't remember the name of it
04-17-2016, 01:08 PM

Mobirix Sword Storm: Legend of Hero is an Arena-based Freemium Hack'n'Slay Fantasy Mobile Game wher you are getting attacked in Waves similar to other Mobile Games.

It has a pretty long list of features that you get access over time as you play through the Game but often feels like everything in the Game was already seen in other Games and therefore Sword Storm: Legend of Hero kinda never does make you want to play it longer then necessary.

Sword Storm: Legend of Hero isn`t a bad Game at all but to stand out on the Mobile Games Market nowadays you have to actually create something that is unique on it`s own way even if you have features in your Game that have been already used by thousand other Mobile Games on the AppStore/Google Play.

The Game just feels overall like someone created a list of features that the Game should have and then just put it together and forget that the Gameplay on it`s own should be fun instead of 100. feature your Mobile Game does have.

I know I sound like this Game would be a total fail but this isn`t the case which is probably the biggest issue I have with the Game. The Team at Mobirix obvously put some time into the Game and didn`t just rushed it out but at the same time I really thought the hole time while I was playing Sword Storm: Legend of Hero that the Game is missing something and that this can`t be really it.


Mobirix Sword Storm: Legend of Hero feels often like someone went trough a checklist of features that should be in the Game but forget to add to that list the point The game should be enjoyable at any moment while someone is playing it.

This is kinda sad since Sword Storm: Legend of Hero doesn`t feel like it was just rushed together and afterwards tossed out since everything seem to work in the Game as it`s supposed to be so there definitly went some time into polishing the Game.

Still I would like to see some kind of Story Plot that would evolve over time between the different Chapters in the Game.

Rating: 3/5 - Sword Storm: Legend of Hero isn`t a bad Game but it felt over the time I have played it so far more like an checklist then an enjoyable Mobile Video Game so I can only rate the Game in the Midrange.