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App description: In 2016, comes the new dark fantasy game to stimulate the nostalgia of Diablo 2.

experience the thrill of hack-and-slash and high quality graphics.

Game Features
- North American-style high quality and full 3D graphics with striking senses!
You will be able to release all your stress and get the thrilling feeling of Blood Warriors hack and slash.
- Equipped with a variety of skills and items, experience Blood Warriors intense yet unique new thrilling game!

Enjoy the game with the mysterious npc Sarah in exciting new scenarios.
Normal or Hard Mode, a total of 90 diverse stages are waiting just for you.

With 10 kinds of pets waiting to help you; join them quick on a thrilling adventure!

There are 3 stimulating challenge modes: Time Attack/Boss Raid/Explore Mode
Here, it is possible to obtain numerous rewards and advanced equipments whilst competing level of rank with other users. Try these exhilarating, new challenges!

A mysterious womans beauty attracts you, a mercenary of Douglas Town.
You must help the mysterious woman to safe guard the human world that is being destroyed by the Devil and its followers.
Blood Warrior is the last hope that this human world has in this time of crisis.
Your journey begins...
04-19-2016, 05:54 PM

BloodWarriorfrom Pancake Games Co., Ltd is an Always Online, Fantasy Hack'n'Slay that has a couple of nice features but below the nice and shiny shell some things are defintily not as they should be.

The only real issue I have with BloodWarrior from Pancake Games Co., Ltd is the overuse of some of the Level/Monster assets through each of the six campaigns.

Instead of creating a bunch of different unique Levels most of the time you are playing always the same assets over and over again till you reach the Boss Level with only a bit of rotation so it does look like you would play always the same Level that only get`s upgraded a tiny bit with like a road more here and there or mostly something else added to the Level.

To make it worse you will encounter always the same mobs in the Game and even the Boss Fights seem to me like only the same Mobs like during the normal Level with just a bit more Health and Damage and a change in their size.

So since the Gameplay seem to be very much repetetive why I still haven`t just erased the Game and given it a 1/5 Rating?

Well the point is that even the levels are very small and using the same Mobs/Assets over and over again the Game kinda does make some fun while playing it and it I do indeed experience the same feelings I had with Diablo, Grim Dawn,...and other Games of that Genre - I hunt for better gear and to upgrade my current One.

I also enjoy just watching how my Pet is growing up and slashing through some of the Waves of Mobs alone if I have leveled it up high enough so I can just run around and let it do the dirty work while I stay in the Background and watch it kill everything in front of me and afterwards only collect the drops in the Game.

Rating: 3/5 BloodWarrior from Pancake Games Co., Ltd won`t redefine the Genre of Fantasy Hack'n'Slay Games but still is partly unique enough to just play it a bit longer then i first had thought.

If the Levels would be longer and not always reused the same Level/Monster assets over and over again it could really become one of those Secret Games you are only telling your friends about if they are looking for a good Game that not many are aware of but at the current point it`s sadly not the case and so I can only rate it in the longer range even the rest of the Game is very decent and well worked out and enjoyable up to a point where I can tell that the Team back from Pancake Games Co., Ltd spent some time in working on the features of the Game.
04-19-2016, 07:30 PM
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Going to give it a go!
04-19-2016, 07:50 PM
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Holy ship this is free
04-20-2016, 02:47 AM
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Could have been a decent game but it's hampered by 2 problems in my opinion

1. The hitbox detection seems shoddy at best. Attacks that seems like they should land ends up missing and you have to stick to the mobs you're attacking

2. Energy system. They really don't belong in gear grinding games and there is no way to pay to remove it as far as i can tell

Bring on Titan Quest
09-20-2016, 06:44 AM
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