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App description: iEscaping is an addictive and funny game to control your spaceship escaping from the moving planets, etc. and get high score. Once youve played it, you will never leave it behind.

In this game, youll try all your best to control your spaceship so as to escape from the moving planets, which are randomly coming from all around the screen. Besides escaping the planets, you have to escape the map border, or you will lose. It is such a challenging game that you have no way to stop playing it and are eager to challenge the top score. Plus, the movement of spaceship is smoothly controlled by acceleration system of your iPhone or iPod touch.

iEscaping has 18 levels in total. If you can successfully control the spaceship for 25 seconds in the first level, you will go to the next level and continue to play, and so on. The speed of spaceship, the number of planets or the lasting time will grow as the level grows. Obviously, the level will become more and more difficult to pass. However, the more level you pass, the higher your score. High scores will be stored in the record with your name.

Additionally, you can choose level freely, for example, if youve passed Level N, you can choose any level from levels below N+1 (including Level N+1) to begin.

Do not worry about any accidental exit, such as phone call, short message or even pressing the hold button while playing. In those accidents, the game will be paused instead of exit. You can continue to play when you enter the game next time. The sleep mode of the screen is also disabled to make sure you are not disturbed while concentrating on playing.

Share it with your friends and family now! Make a game to see who can get the highest score and leave his name on the record.

iEscaping is one of Sothink products for iPhone and iPod touch.
A new version is about to be released in recent future.
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10-08-2009, 10:04 AM
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Great description, and the icon looks like a blue phallus with wings!

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Worst idea ever!