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App description: A nameless hero finds himself in a place between fantasy and nightmare. He doesn't remember his name nor where he comes from. Wandering through strange lands, he struggles to discover the truth about the world around him, as well as about himself.

The dreamlike, nightmarish atmosphere of the game was inspired by the works of painters H.R. Giger and Zdzisaw Beksiski. The game's final look and feel was also strongly influenced by the universes of games such as Demon's Souls or Dark Seed. This unique mixture gave life to a bleak and depressing world.

The story begins as the protagonist wakes up locked in a metal cage hanging below a large flying machine. It becomes clear he is its passenger against his will and the machine's destination is unknown. The only vague memory he can summon in his mind is that of a sculpture atop a hill, depicting human hands reaching towards the sky.

Those are, however, the least of his problems as the airship descends its flight towards a huge, gloomy castle which soon becomes his prison. Thus begins the surreal story bordering somewhere between dream and reality...

Key features:
THE GAME WORLD: 3 realms, differing in architecture and creatures inhabiting them. You'll meet characters with unique personalities who will help you - or try to prevent you from - reaching your goal.
ART: 75 hand-painted stages. The game also features over a hundred additional screens as well as dozens of paintings created by the mad painter residing in the cathedral
PUZZLES: During your journey you will come against 24 varied logical puzzles and minigames.
STORY: A dark adventure between dream and reality.
MUSIC: Exceptional soundtrack with over 40 tracks.

Moral choices which will affect the game's ending.
4-6 hours gameplay.
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian. Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Hungarian, Czech, Turkish

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04-19-2016, 06:50 AM
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Stunning, stunning and stunning. This has got some great reviews on PC and the response on Steam is absolutely bonkers. Can't wait to get on a WiFi connection and download this.

Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.

04-19-2016, 07:21 AM
The artwork is stunning. I only played this a few minutes before heading out to work, but after clicking the fear icon to change options, the screen became unresponsive to my taps and get out of the options screen to play the game.

Anyone else face this problem?
04-19-2016, 07:41 AM
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I just finished this game a couple of months ago on the PC, and can attest that it is definitely worthy of a "buy" for those who haven't played it before, and provided that there aren't any bugs in the iOS version.

There are areas where you have to make choices, which can influence the final ending that you will get.
04-19-2016, 08:25 AM
As I stated in my post just above yours, I faced a bug. I'm using the latest IOS on my Air
04-19-2016, 09:28 AM

I have to be honest about Tormentum - Dark Sorrow: The first time I watched the Trailer of the Game I remember very well that I was hooked from the first moment since the Game not only had that Hans Rudolf Giger Style some of you might remember from the Alien Movies but there seem to be a pretty nice Story in the Game too.

Those are two things that normally don`t go very well in those kind of Games. Either the riddles in the Game are plain and simple dumb and don`t go beyond then clicking on something and then something else will happen without even having a Story Plot that would need more then a small piece of paper to explain the hole Story Part at all.

Tormentum - Dark Sorrow is more then just that. The Story doesn`t feel rushed during any moment at all and I was really suprised at some point in the Game after my two hours Gameplay Round so far that even the Game has a really slow pace if it comes to how the Story does evolve it`s worth it and parts of it are very well written and worked out.

As you would expect it the Game has some riddles that will just contain the usual click on something and pick it up and use it afterwards somewhere else but there are too some where you will have to think out of the box to get passed those.

The first couple of minutes in the Game after the prelude the Game will lead you with a small Tutorial to explain to you how the Interface is working and afterwards you are left alone to explore everything on your own.

Considering that the hole Game has a pretty dark tune I can really recommend it to everyone that are sick of those happy Adventure Games where everything is painted in bright Colors and everyone is happy and the World is a wonderful place and yada, yada, yada,...

Tormentum - Dark Sorrow isn`t that at all:

It`s Dark, dirty, ugly in a good way and some things are even disturbing and I am loving it. If you are into classic Adventure Games I strongly recommand to just grab the Game and take the time to just sit down and play it with your headphones on since not only is the Story Plot really nice worked out and the over look of the Game a real nice change to what I have played over the last couple of months but also the Soundeffects and the Music in the Game are very well done and totally do support the over mood in the Game.

If I would have to compare Tormentum - Dark Sorrow to any other Game that I have played over the last I would compare it to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Both Games got me hooked right from the first moment, didn`t promised anything that they didn`t even top easily and I`m glad I bought them the first time I saw them.

So if you are into Adventure Games make sure to watch first a Trailer of the Game since this isn`t your Telltale Games kind of Adventure Game which some might therefore not enjoy but everyone else that enjoy here and there one of those kind of Aventure Games too will be suprised of how well everything in I]Tormentum - Dark Sorrow[/I] is worked out and enjoy it till the end.

Rating: 5/5 - I can`t wait till I will have more time over the weekend to finish this Game. Well done OhNoo Studio.
04-19-2016, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by metalcasket View Post
Stunning, stunning and stunning. This has got some great reviews on PC and the response on Steam is absolutely bonkers. Can't wait to get on a WiFi connection and download this.
I'm with you bro. My work hates when I get on the wifi but I might just have to do it to dl this
04-19-2016, 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by ColeDaddy View Post
As I stated in my post just above yours, I faced a bug. I'm using the latest IOS on my Air
Edit : did a reboot of my Air. Game is responsive to touch again.

The artwork alone is worth the price of admission
04-19-2016, 12:34 PM
Had been waiting for this ever since I heard it was coming to iOS. So glad to finally be able to play it! Really enjoying it so far. Loving the dark, surreal atmosphere and the puzzles have been pretty straightforward for the most part. I did feel stupid early on because it took me a while to realize a puzzle was trial-and-error. I also keep forgetting to scroll right to see if I can go to the next screen. :P

Haven't encountered bugs, but I do wish the hints weren't automatic. I guess it's better than pixel hunting, but I would rather have a hotspot button for when I get stuck instead of having items light up before I even have a chance to look for them. Still, small complaint in the big scheme of things.

04-19-2016, 02:01 PM
Joined: May 2010
Location: Deepest Circle, Hell
Posts: 9,199
Couple of things to take into consideration. It's only 351 MBs installed and IT.DOESN'T.USE.UP.ANY.BLOODY.BATTERY! I'm seriously trying to wrap my brain around the latter. I must have been at 35% and played a good 2 hours til my phone hit the 20% warning sign.

Beating myself up that I didn't back this up on Indiegogo. I would have loved to have my name in the credits...or be a $300 corpse. I might have actually done that. >_>


Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.

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