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Vampire Masquerade : Redemption port would be great

10-08-2009, 02:18 PM
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Vampire Masquerade : Redemption port would be great

I know, one of these again, but I honestly believe this would be a good and strong port, not out of some mainstream-game-and-fanboy love. I'm sure most people who've played the game would agree that it was a classic. The gameplay was solid. The story was good. There was a lot of customization, tons of spells, even Diablo like loot (I remembered this correctly right?) Plus, the game is sufficiently old to allow (should) smooth running on the third generation iDevices if not the iPod 2G. A gander at wikipedia showed that the minimum requirement was around 233 Mhz CPU speed (I know, different CPU, different performance, regardless of speed), and very little RAM. It even had multiple characters for the player to control (well, play controls 1, AI controls the other to follow) for those squad-game lovers.

Plus, vampire's all the rage now. They're making a comeback for some reason (I have no idea why, but Anne Rice was a while ago for me). People would eat it all up. I see a lot of potential.

There's little chance Activision would do this, but a man can dream right?

Anyone else here actually know what this game is?

ps. I know there's a Vampire Origin game going on, but that doesn't seem too promising - not as promising as a Masquerade port would be.

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10-08-2009, 02:18 PM
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I think vampires are only popular amongst the teenies.

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