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App description: Welcome to the 2016 ElectShun Day! For viewers now joining us, the votes have been cast and it has come down to an unprecedented 0-0 tie between Trump and Hillary. While no one was looking, Hillary shredded Trump's votes while screaming "Deleeete!" Trump then said several words we can't repeat on live television, poured steak sauce on Hillary's ballots then ate all her votes. After this the two candidates had to compete in the standard election tie-breaker consisting of 13 sets of "Rock, Paper, Scissors." This too was a tie as Trump stubbornly played his own version of the game called "Gold, Steak, Towers." Hillary insisted her scissors won every time and Trump said scissors are for weak losers. The judges couldn't decide. After those confusing events, President Obama was called upon to create a final contest showdown for the two candidates. Now we bring you live to the historic event known as the "Battle of Ballots!"

In ElectShun! choose your candidate and play as Trump or Clinton. Compete in the "Battle of Ballots," a contest of skill and hard-headedness. Swipe left or right to whack away opposing ballots with your head. But don't go all crazy and whack your own votes. Build up your combo to unleash your special attack to quickly destroy a flurry of opposing ballots. Rack up the most votes and you can haz presidency!

Compete as a candidate on the global leaderboard
Play as ridonculous bobble head versions of Trump or Clinton
Develop important life skills like shooting lasers from your eyes
Frantic gameplay that tests the very limits of human ability

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05-09-2016, 03:03 PM
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Updated trailer

added a funny intro to the gameplay trailer

Crazybreadman Games
05-13-2016, 08:15 PM
ElectShun trailer is so funny!

The app is funny too. Helps you to decide who to vote for... neither!