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App description: Rescue 400 flies from being lost in puzzling dungeons and become a firefly hero!

You are a rescuer who has been trained since youth to protect little green flies from getting lost in tricky dungeons. Sounds easy but trust me it's a hard job. Especially for an aged firefly like yourself.

You've been sleeping for just one second and yep, they've invaded every dungeon. It's a 'Lil Big Invasion'.

Now you have to remember your rescuer training and save these poor little green flies. But don't forget: You need to find them and lure them to an exit. They are highly attracted to glowing things so make sure to recharge your light in time. Every dungeon is unique and holds its own puzzle. Plants, monsters and physics can either hinder or help you with your task. And watch out. You will have to fight some big dungeon bosses, too. And you have to rush... the dungeon closes down if you dally.

Good luck sucking these little green flies out of their self-chosen misery. Stop that silly invasion, take on your quest and become a legendary hero!

Solve 40 handcrafted dungeons
Rescue over 400 little green flies
Win 5 unique dungeon boss fights
Throughout 5 different and exotic worlds
Unique dungeon puzzle and adventure game
Perfect suited game for children, adults and families
GooglePlay integration (Achievements + Leaderboards)
Easy to learn but hard to master - 100% challenge ;)

andi's comments:

Lil Big Invasion combines adventure, action and classic dungeon puzzle solving.

Outsmart > winds, > spider webs and > glowing flowers in order to rescue over 400 little flies from being lost in tricky dungeons. Find > secret pahts and meet helpful > yellow creatures. Lure them with your light and lead them to a giant vacuum cleaner in order to suck them back out. Also, you can activate switches and win > boss fights with the power of your light. But be aware that flying consumes light energy. So keep your light recharged, rescue all flies and become a firefly hero^^

Lil Big Invasion features 40 handcrafted levels throughout 5 exotic worlds. Each world has its own theme and boss fight. There are no in-app advertisements and no in-app purchases.

Check out my > Twitter log for more gameplay snippets and watch out for > Promo Code Giveaways.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamesByAndiB
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilbiginvasion/
HomePage: http://andreas-britten.de/games/lbi/index.html
AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lil-big-invasion-dungeon-buzz/id1102915561
05-15-2016, 04:15 AM
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New Dungeon Beat Trailer

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Nice game with good animation and graphics, the first iOS game I have played with Android Play Achievements.... Which I don't mind as I am predominantly an Android player..