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App description: Catch fish as fast as you can! Duck and jump over obstacles and avoid being knocked down by the river creatures!


* Beautiful graphics
* Endless fun
* Easy controls, just swipe and tap
* Nice music
* Beautiful visuals and animations
* Hungry sharks!

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helixgamer's comments:
Hey guys, I just found this cool new game River Mania on the App Store.

River Mania is a simple, but fun, challenging, addictive and adventurous game with great 3D graphics where the challenge is to catch as many jumping fish you can, and earn cash to unlock the tools to help you catch more.
Water Skiing the River Mania, whilst holding a ski rope in one hand and a fishing pole with net in the other, you need to have quick reflexes and skills. River Mania where the fish are literally jumping out of the water from all directions just waiting to be caught, just simply tap on the highlighted fish to catch and earn cash, however remember to dodge, duck and jump over obstacles and avoid being knocked down by the river creatures. The more fish you catch the more cash you can earn. River Mania challenge becomes harder and faster with every fish caught.
River Mania is a game for all ages, it's simple, challenging, fun, adventurous, action pack and full of excitement!

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Download Free from App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/river-mania/id1077584619?mt=8

05-09-2016, 08:14 PM
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Bout time someone made a game out of this! Downloading it right now, looks like a lot of fun with unique game play!
Thing is, this is a real deal! And NOT in a good way! Here in the US Great Lakes and elsewhere, the Asian Carp has invaded to a scary degree! Eating everything in their path and re-producing at a frightengly fast pace, this invasive species has no natural enemies, except man. People really do waterski with football helmets and pads on and as the boat moves, the fish spook and leap outta the water literally ALL over the place! If you don't believe me, check out many YouTube videos and see for yourself! Seems like a dream-come-true for a fisherman to have fish jump right in the boat, but unfortunately they're not good eating and these suckers get to be 4 feet long and weigh up to 70 pounds each! Hence the padding when doing this sport! These crazy daredevils sometimes set up a basketball net in their boat with a 55 gallon drum underneath and catch the fish mid-air and slam-dunk 'em into the can and then fill up another one!! You're encouraged to catch and kill as many as you can! Seems unreal but it's very real, I'm telling you! I hope this game represents it well, and to be able to play it without getting hurt sounds like a hoot to me! 😂