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Wayward Eyeballs - Indy iOS arcade game in progress

05-15-2016, 03:20 PM
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Wayward Eyeballs - Indy iOS arcade game in progress


I'm an independent developer. I've published a few iOS mini-games before and wanted to share a new one in the works.


The basic mechanics are simple - move a bunch of colored eyeballs into their color-matching 'collectors'. There are two basic controls. A tap on the screen generates a pulse that rolls eyeballs away in all directions. A swipe creates a directional push. There are also power-ups that allow you to target only certain colors and move the eyeballs around with a magnet for a limited period of time. The eyeballs and collectors are scattered in different settings in each level. Some are simple and open, some have many obstacles, and some include other forces or interference that adds difficulty. For now the levels are loosely organized into three themes or 'worlds' - 'Great Outdoors', 'Fun and Games', and 'Techno'. Scoring and advancement will be based on capturing all the eyeballs in a level by a certain time goal.

First Video Demo -

Sound didn't capture and there are other levels I'll demo as a follow-up, but wanted to get a first look out there to the community.

05-17-2016, 07:09 AM
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this game looks very fun !