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App description:
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Compete to the world's best score and get a in-game surprise for the winners of the month! Check the details soon on our website:

Brazil Kick Control is more than a kick up game. It will challenge your ability to control the ball, in a highly addictive, reflex-challenging way and more important: IT'S FUN!

You will still have to kick the ball up, easily done with a finger swipe, but pay attention! Uncontrollable wind bursts and curious birds are there to either hinder or help you and the longer you play, the faster the ball will drop and the stronger will be the wind.

Challenge your friends and see who has the best score. Be careful, it's a very addictive game, even the developers could not stop until they beat each other. Truly a new "toss app" kind of experience, with very nice and cool animations and effects :)

Using an exclusive Hi Score server, you can play as a single player and contribute to a team, competing as a top player and within the top team.

Get a quickie when you have little time, or challenge how long you can survive on the normal mode.

Game Features:

- Timed mode (60 seconds) and Normal Mode (as long as you can control)
- Increasing difficulty: Easy to extreme hard
- Cool characters
- Global Player Ranking
- Global Team Ranking (Yeah! Let's see which team is the world's best)
- Special animation and effects
- 3 different controls (choose the one that best fits your style)



PS: This game was almost not released since the developers were still too busy competing against each other.
PS2: We will launch episodes for the game in a "cool godly manner", we have a lot of ideas in mind, so don't be shy and tweet us @ib8 or send us a msg giving your ideas too!

Possible Upcoming Features: (Give us your suggestions on this ones!)

- Alien spaceship (we don't know yet what they will do)
- Multiple balls (how many balls can you control at a time :P)
- Matrix mode, balls moving slowly
- Other "animal" characters on the scene
- "Rambo" style animal that bounces back the ball(s)

ib8's comments:
Finally at iTunes AppStore! After a few agonizing weeks waiting for Apple's approval, Brazil Kick Control is now available for purchase. Follow the link below and share our happiness!

During this weekend, we will be celebrating a special promo campaign for Brazil Kick Control and guess what? It will be COMPLETELY FREE! That's right! For 48 hours, this game will be available for free! And since we've been in such a good mood, this special promo will be very easy to participate. Just purchase the game (remember, it is FREE over this weekend) and for each positive review in this period, we will be ADDING FIVE MORE MINUTES to the free period. That's right, the more people give it a positive review, the longer it will stay free! So spread the word, wake up your friends and celebrate with us!

About the AdHoc promo, we haven't forgotten about it. The redeem codes wil be generated and given to the winners after this free period is over.

And for those who need a little reminder on what this game is about, check our video:

Youtube link | Pop Up


More information is also available at our website:

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gorgeous, i'am loving it
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epic fail!

OMG. Double Rainbow!
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