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App description: Have you ever felt yourself an evil hungry dinosaur broken loose and holding a grudge against the whole world? If not, this game will give you a chance!

Meet Spike!

A careless professor carried out his crazy DNA experiments and suddenly gave birth to a Velociraptor. Then nothing could hold Spike inside the lab, so now this monster walks around the city driven by one and only will - attack all living things on its way: clerks, sportsmen, cops, S.W.A.T. soldiers and even futuristic battle robots! The only one who is able to restrain and control this horror is you of course!

Use the on-screen joystick to move your killer pet and don't hesitate to feed it with people, in order to keep its energy level up and don't let it get too hungry!

A BRILLIANT WAY TO RELEASE YOUR AGRESSION: just come closer to the enemies and your dinosaur will do all the rest ;-)

MONSTER GROWL special ability will help you to scare the bricks out of even heavily-armed enemies and when upgraded it will explode heads of everybody near you!

NEVER STOP and keep moving to avoid bullets and find more food on the next street

NOWHERE TO HIDE FROM YOU: The game features 3 locations to explore - Downtown, Sea Resort and the Basement each having its own set of game modes; and theres more to come in next updates!

LONG WAY TO GO: 2 campaigns with 100 levels to beat! Dont forget to upgrade Spike's abilities using the bones you earn to progress when its hard to make it to the next level!

EXPLOSIVE SURVIVAL MODE where you need to gain stars! The more stars youve gained, the more powerful your enemies are and the better your results!

This game features in-app purchases to accelerate your progress but can be (and should be for greater fun) played through without paying for them!

Have a nice walk!

SergeyNM's comments:

Cassette and Pencil is proud to announce the release of our new 3D action game Jurassic Growl!

In this game you control a monster – velociraptor named Spike, who was genetically created from a lizard by a crazy professor in his secret secret lab. Then nothing could hold Spike inside the lab, so now this monster walks around the city driven by one and only will - attack all living things on his way

Jurassic Growl is a 3/4 Top-view 3D game with a virtual on-screen joystick used to control your killer pet running around. There are 3 locations in the initial release of the game, each featuring its own set of game modes: there are 2 campaigns with a total of 100 levels, survival mode, extreme survival and timed survival.

You can upgrade Spike’s special abilities using Bones that you earn in game rounds. These abilities include better skin, camouflage hiding him from nearby enemies and many more. Growl ability helps to scare even heavily-armored enemies and when upgraded, it will literally explode heads of everybody around!

Jurassic Growl is rated 12+. It is a great time killer and perfectly releases your aggression!

The game is free.

Jurassic Growl is built with Marmalade cross-platform gaming engine and utilizes fast yet powerful Box2D physics. Android version is to come out very soon, and the first update with another location and new enemies is already in development!

iTunes link to check out the game:

Youtube gameplay video link:

Cassette and Pencil is a young game development studio, though run by mobile veterans from ex-PlayCreek (creator of Death Worm, Magic Wingdom, StoneLoops of Jurassica).

05-19-2016, 09:24 AM
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Sweet. Downloading.

Any chance of doing a man vs Dinosaur update where you can survival mode as a human vs many dinosaurs?
05-19-2016, 10:26 AM
Joined: Oct 2015
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Hmm.. Technically no problem to do something like that. Though the idea of the game is being "a hooligan dinosaur" among helpless humans, this might also work conversely - be a (helpless?) human among dinosaurs.
06-08-2016, 03:21 AM
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Okay, ads are gone now.
It is a bit tough early on, I recommend getting the doubler/tripler to help grinding (and support the dev). I like it, hoping to see more of it in the future.

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