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A game for loners and a game for friends, which one do you prefer?

05-19-2016, 09:35 PM
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A game for loners and a game for friends, which one do you prefer?

Hey Guys! I want to introduce two games here in a single thread BECAUSE
Both of the two games are developed by the same girl in our team, who is not a professional developer but coded these two games and art designed as well.

About the Dev:

She's not a professional game developer, studied animation in university. Worked in our team as an art designer in the beginning. Well as the story goes, she started to code, from nothing, by herself. Comparing to other professions, her games might not be as much of a game-game as some big action strategy ones.
So these two games, they are NOT action games, NOT strategy games, NOT war games, not games for gamers. They are games for non-gamers. They are games for everyone. And we are all very proud of her work and the little surprises from her game. In our opinion, they are unique, and sweet.

Oh yes it's a her

About the Games:

10Solo---A Game for Loners

Name:  androidicon3.png
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Casual, Swinging game
IOS: $0.99
Android: Free

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Name:	11.jpg
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ID:	103237

The first one is 10Solo. According to her, it's a game for loners. It's basically a swinging game.

What differentiates it from the similar ones on the market is swinging man goes up instead of going sideways. And swinging on both sides makes it interesting.
The unique part is in the end of each level. As the opinions of the users we asked, some of them who are outgoing people could not notice it, but most of the people who notice the little surprises are pretty sensitive person, and they loved it. Although our team leader doesn't give it a s*** (excuse me) But as a girl myself, we are quite proud of this ending part. That's the essence of 10Solo!

Click image for larger version

Name:	222.png
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Name:	111.png
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ID:	103239

44 Chairs---A Game for Friends

Name:  icon3.png
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Casual, Reflex, Duel game
IOS: Free
Android: Free

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Name:	222.jpg
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ID:	103241

The other one of hers is a dueling game, with both single/2 players mode.
Expect for many weird different characters in the game, what attracts me most is the excitement playing it, either alone of challenging a friend. I could burst out shouting when losing a around.

Click image for larger version

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Name:	2.png
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This one is highly recommended for a party, a bet, any occasion with friends. Especially when everyone is browsing with there own cell phone forgetting the existence of other! Just take out 44 Chairs tapping into the dueling mode. Challenge them! And have fun!

So which one do you prefer?
The game for loners, or the game for friends?

44 Chairs:
06-23-2016, 11:14 PM
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