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App description: Introduce a revolutionary game that rocks the year of 2016. With auto-fight mode 24/7/365, monster fights, level grinding and gear fights will run nonstop, and hands-free! Using the built-in game helper, 2x assault, Genies summon, auto enemy hunt and server-hosted fights are just one click away! Generals and ministers from the Three Kingdoms are ready to assist the lord for an overturning win. World BOSS, Guild Dungeon, Genies Challenge, Exorcism, Provisions Escort and many more fun features accompany you day and night! What are you waiting for? Dive in, my Lord!

caocao's comments:
"Moe Kingdoms" is a Q-version mobile game with automatic-battles.
With built-in mod, Players no longer have to look for game mod everywhere. 2x attack,Summoning Genies, and server-hosted fights are just in one click. Moreover, warlords from the Three Kingdoms will surely help the lord turn things around. Come on Bros. Let's Rock For the Glory of your Kingdom!

1.you can fight for 24H straight to level up while offline
2.with built-in mod ,you can easily win the game
3. make full use of players' discretionary time.

05-20-2016, 07:16 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
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You don't really see your characters fight. Just two avatars bumping back and forth. Feels like the "game" part of this app is lost in all the stats and freedom mechanics