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App description: Have you ever feel the Power of Nature?!
Observe how forest is changing during the year?

In the game you have this power and you are helping the Nature to properly change the forest, to upcoming season.

During play you will unlock a conversation between the eternal raven and the mysterious creature.

They talk about us, about humans. Have you ever think, how the eternal creatures understand our daily desires & behaviors?

"During the game we can think about the world in which we live, and real human nature" - IGN
"When great-looking game shoots me by involving brain cells and same time encourages me (un)subtle to reflection, I'm in seventh heaven" - Gamezilla
"The only one game for the mature player that combines solving puzzles with the full relaxation. The player is entering into a state of high concentration. Best for business breaks, thank you" - User comment

With care about reflective atmosphere & mature players in mind, we resigned TOTALLY from advertising and micropayments. In game we implement ONLY non-invasive donation system.

- Pure relaxation
- Unique reflective atmosphere,
- Beautiful nature scenery
- Short story about human nature,
- No time pressure,
- Relaxing music,
- 64 levels,
- Intelligent helping system,
- No ads & micro transactions.

Wed love to hear your suggestions and comments!


Kazorx's comments:

Hello everyone! My name is Maciej Piotrowski, I'm co-owner and developer of 4 Seasons - logic of nature. I'm here to introduce you this game.

4 Seasons - logic of nature is a logic game that leads the player to a deep reflection about human existence and humans approach to the nature. The game was designed for mature players to provide entertainment with pure relaxation state. Player has to solve a logical puzzle using power of Nature to transform forest. The player uses defined shapes on appropriate places on the game map in such a way to evolving all trees in the forest for the same season.

The game consists of 64 diverse levels, with gradualy increasing difficulty. The whole game is interspersed with philosophical dialogue between the two spirits, a woman and a raven. Characters talk about human existence, fears and laws governing human life.

Short philosophical dialog shows how eternal creatures can interprets human behavior.
The game is very calm, framed in beautiful graphics and relaxing music. Whole experience is leading the player into the state of concentration and light meditation. Music in the game adapts smoothly to what is happening on the map, each season has its characteristic soundtrack, which merge into one whole very subtle and delicate background of the game.

Because the game is addressed to the mature audience, authors decided to not implement advertisement and micropayments at all! The game is totally free and nothing can destroy reflective atmosphere. 4 Seasons - logic of nature has only a voluntary donation option as an appreciation for the hard work of developers.

We released our game on App Store on May 19th. We are very happy because right now we are featured by Apple in 111 countries around the world and we have almost 36000 players around the world.

Currently we try to get featured in US and European countries. Please help us, check 4 Seasons - logic of nature and leave your comment and rate. Thank you very much and have a good fun!


App Store: Download HERE

Homepage: 4Seasonsapp.com

Press kit: Media & Press Kit

Facebook: Fanpage
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Feature USA

I am proud to inform you that from today 4 Seasons - logic of nature is featured by Apple in USA on the iTunes Home Page!

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