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Mail Run (3D Endless Runner w/ killer feature)

06-02-2016, 01:15 PM
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Mail Run (deliver mail in new 3D endless runner)

Hello Everyone

My name is Brendan and I'm with UpWard Studios. We just finished our first game, Mail Run: Endless Chase. You are Marty the Mailman getting chased by a dog while you run through a super fun & colorful cartoon neighborhood! You have to dodge all sorts of obstacles to stay alive and deliver as much mail as you can. You tap both sides of the screen to deliver mail as you run... It can get addicting


★ Tap to deliver mail while you run! Tap Left Side of screen to deliver mail to left mailbox & Tap Right Side of screen to deliver mail to right mailbox. Tap & Deliver as much as you can. Arcade style Mail Throw bonus combo system: 5x points for 5 hits in a row, 10x points for 10 hits in a row, 15x points for 15 hits and so on.
★ Super fun power-ups to collect and use during your run, including Monster Truck for Invincibility, Golden Starred White Wings for Flapping, Leaf Blower for Jet Pack Flying, Anti-Gravity Belt for High Jump, Fire Rollerblades for Rollerskating, Flaming Motorcycle for an invincible motorcycle ride & Coffee/Energy Drink for a flying boost!
★ Awesome obstacles to avoid: crazy cars, trucks, hurdles, flaming potholes, forklifts, trash cans, people walking, running & riding bikes!
★ Original and cool in-game currency called “Burb Bucks“! Collect bills and coins during your run as you accumulate a higher net worth and aim to become a Burb Bucks millionaire! Use your Burb Bucks to purchase special items & upgrades in the store.
★ Incredible scene diversity, run through: several different neighborhoods, walking bridge, sports park, night scenes & more. Scenes are randomly presented so each run is always a different experience.
★ Run with Marty the Mailman and Lola the Mailwoman. More characters to come!


Any feedback or thoughts on the game is much appreciated and welcomed. If anyone would like a promo code to test the game out, please let us know and we will happily provide. We're aiming to launch the game later this month. Thanks a ton guys!

- UpWard Studios.

More about UpWard Studios:

Website: http://www.upward-studios.com/
Game Splash Page: http://www.upward-studios.com/mail-run/
Press Kit: http://www.upward-studios.com/press/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MailRunEndlessChase/
Emails: upwardstudiosgames@gmail.com

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06-06-2016, 12:59 PM
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More Game Moments

Any thoughts or feedback on the game is really appreciated. Thank you!
06-07-2016, 07:17 AM
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omg i already love this game !! it looks very entertaining and addictive !! How many levels are there ? When will it be released ? Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any tester for your game
06-07-2016, 10:14 AM
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Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad to hear you like it =) ... So we have structured the gameplay to includes dozens of different scenes (we have tons of different house/neighborhood scenes, walking bridge scene, sports park scene, train station scene, zombie scene, multiple night scenes and some more fun surprises) which are then randomly presented each run. So there are no "levels" persay, but just endless, randomized scenes & gameplay. Each run is a different, exciting experience. The longer you survive, the faster the gameplay becomes, so it gets challenging! And of course, the goal is to deliver as much mail as you can while you dodge the obstacles, so theres an added really fun & addicting element to the endless gameplay.

Right now we are testing, tweaking, and fixing bugs. We are planning on releasing in early July. We would absolutely love for you to test the game, so I will send you over a promo code ... Please get back with any other questions or feedback at all! Thank you