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App description: Sparky is a casual fireworks-themed game that will keep you challenged with unique gameplay and unpredictable levels. Simply draw loops around like-colored sparks to capture them. But watch out, some might try to escape! Capture sparks from fireworks shows over cities around the world, as you master this instant classic.

Sparky was designed to offer a new type of gameplay perfect for phones and tablets. The concept is simple, but the result is a game that offers a new challenge on every level. Sometimes fast-paced, sometimes relaxing, and sometimes outright puzzling! Can you come up with a strategy to win?

Loop power-ups and bonuses as they float by to help along the way, or collect firecrackers to trade for other items. The more sparks you capture at once, the more points youll get but mess up and itll devastate your score!

Every level is different! Over 100 unique levels to conquer.
Sparks explode from fireworks and fountains, drift by in the wind, and swirl around the screen.
Nine global cities to explore. Watch fireworks shows from dusk till dawn!
Discover power-ups to help you along your way!
Loop as quickly as you can, wait for the biggest bang, or puzzle your way to the highest score: each level requires a new strategy.
Interact with dozens of spark types as you play.

Try Sparky now!

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AmarulaByMorning's comments:

Hey guys, give Sparky a try! It's our first game release, and we wanted to try something a little different. Sparky is a casual game, but with a unique play style that we think sets it apart from the current trends. We wanted to evoke some of the visual style of old fireworks packaging, to go along with the theme.

Sparky is completely free, and not pay-to-win. There are a lot of carefully designed levels, and they get more fun the further you progress. Play as much as you want: we don't like the forced-wait or limited lives system.

Enjoy, check out our trailer and let us know what you think. Happy to answer any questions!

06-05-2016, 06:36 PM
Ok, I'm addicted.

Nice job on this game! It's actually pretty unique - drawing a line around moving sparks seems simple, but this gets challenging really quickly. There's a lot of variety in play styles and strategies between levels too. I kept trying to circle the colors as fast as I could, but you really need to wait to get the biggest groups for the best score. I like the longer-loop bonus idea and the double sparks. I assume (from the video) that a lot more are coming.

Some of the boards took a few times before I realized what I needed to do. However, after a few tries it seemed to make sense. Have you given any thought to rebalancing the scores? I'll keep playing this one for a while, though.
06-06-2016, 01:35 PM
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Hey, thanks for the feedback! Yeah we tried to keep the interface easy and intuitive, but we're able to combine the different elements to make a lot of unique levels. I think they get more fun the further along you go!

Coming up with score thresholds is always a challenge on games like this. Each level is manually designed, but there are some random elements too. Because of this bit of randomness, a given level could be slightly harder or easier on different attempts. The goal was to make it so a typical player would be able to win on X% of attempts, where X varies a bit throughout the game (earlier levels are easier, for example).

But all the levels are beatable -- there's no pay-to-win stuff going on here! Are there any levels in particular you're having trouble with? Any other recommendations?

Thanks again for playing!