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WalkAlone--- A journey into the desert

06-06-2016, 12:55 AM
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WalkAlone--- A journey into the desert


WalkAlone is a journey into the desert.

Walking alone in deadly desert. Collect 14 pieces of missing ruins of an ancient city.

Everything is hardly recognizable in vast barren area of land. All that you have is a radar showing locations
of the nearest missing treasure.

Do you have a sense of direction? Are you able to find them all?

This is an idea in process. As the character, you're walking alone in the desert. Along the journey there're 14 pieces of ruins of an ancient city to be found. Each time a piece of ruin is found, the question-marked card will be flipped over. You can check the collection box whenever you want.

There is hardly anything recognizable in the desolated land. Although there's a radar showing locations of the nearest piece of ruin, it requires a highly sense of direction.

Do you have a sense of direction? Do you have enough patience?
Are you able to find them all?

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06-07-2016, 07:25 AM
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this game looks interesting but i would like to watch a game trailer to know more about the game, the art work, the music,etc. Let me know if you need any testers, i would be glad to help you ! When will it be released ?
06-07-2016, 09:32 AM
Looks very nice, but could be a little sparse in terms of gameplay? Still looks quite beautiful.
06-11-2016, 09:43 PM
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Thank you guys if you like this work!
The idea sounds good to me, but our guy who's making it is an extremism. He intends to make it a simplicity of longing for loneliness. It could be another missed opportunity if he really does it that way! That's also why I post it here trying to get more great ideas and suggestions from you guys to make it more interesting. Hope he could take a few pieces of advice.

These are 2 pieces of the ruins for now XD

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Hope this work could get far.
06-11-2016, 11:44 PM
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Okay, how about this for an idea. Your character starts off with a map that shows the aproximate location of the first clue to finding these twelve
relics. This could work just like geocaching. You dig up the first clue and then it gives you clues to the next location. This way, you control the
order in which clues are found. In with the clues will also be a log telling a story, perhaps of an ancient civilization. Hidden in the story are clues
to finding other very important items. Eg. Very special glasses. Once you find them, you can see the ghost images of other players that have
come before you. You can watch where they have buried messages or things for you to find.

Other players could leave you one of the following when they bury their gift.
A note that explains in better detail where the next clue is.
A pick axe, used to dig through stone to find the next clue.
A pail to bail out water and uncover something at the bottom of a small pond.
A duplicator, very rare and used to duplicate items.
A shovel to dig through hard clay.
A forked stick used for dowsing to find water.
A time capsule that has a different costume you can wear.

You get achievements when you find and leave items to be found.