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Your most played games of all time

06-12-2016, 06:56 AM
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Your most played games of all time

On the mobile/tablet.
For me it would probably be(and this is old ones included), there's more when I remember.

Flick kick football
Drop 7
Robot Master(Reina Knizia)
Muffin knight
Mikey series
Imbroglio(the most recent)
Clash Royale- unfortunately
Words with Friends.
Numbers with friends.
Plants vs Zombies series.
Crossy road

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06-12-2016, 11:40 AM
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Has to be Hearthstone

06-12-2016, 12:34 PM
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In terms of hours spent in-game:

Marvel Future Fight (stopped now though)
Infinity Blade 3
Temple Run 2
06-12-2016, 05:34 PM
Dungeon Raid
Hue Ball
Drop 7
Chip Chain
Card Crawl
Alphabetty Saga
06-12-2016, 10:53 PM
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Wayward Souls
Space Marshals
Horizon Chase
Leo's fortune
06-13-2016, 02:34 AM
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Some good ones on here - I have so many I get stuck but if I had to think off the top of my head on some of the ones I played over and over again then it would be: (don't judge!)
- Crossy Road
- Leo's Fortune
- Trick Shot
- Duet
- Neon Drive (I'm addicted)
- Clash of Clans
- Polyblast (Disclaimer: we worked on that one so probably out of that list the most played)
06-13-2016, 08:17 AM
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Well my list will be:

- Clash Royale
- King of Thieves
- Heartstone
- Temple Run 2
- Jetpack Joyride
- Monument Valley
- Dark Nebula Serie (still waiting for a Dark Nebula 3)

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06-13-2016, 08:41 AM
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In terms of outright total hours, it's probably something like Dragon Quest VIII - that's a long game!

The games I always used to boot up time and again most often were probably Muffin Knight and New Star Soccer. Had those on my phones for a long time. Now it's probably MHFU, Downwell and, although it's early days as I only got it fairly recently, 868 Hack.

Mostly though, I tend to delete games once I've got to the end.
06-13-2016, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by OrangutanKungfu View Post

Mostly though, I tend to delete games once I've got to the end.
So do I. The problem is that some games have huge updates of content and when there isn't cloud save you lost the data and have to start all over again.

I tend to prefer games that have an ending.
06-14-2016, 07:06 PM
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Alrighty... Going back and upping the requirement to over 200 hours, I narrowed it down to a select few. =oP

Final Fantasy Tactics;:; I think this one speaks for itself. There's no way I haven't put in over 300 hours on the iOS version alone... It's one of those games that made me hold onto my old iP5... I want to be able to play this game for the rest of my life... And I will... Happily. And my PSP crapped out last year and my nephew snagged my UMD. He's hooked now, and I can't in good conscience take it back now. I'm glad it won over another soul. =oP
But yeah... I get why it's not more popular on iOS... Even with the graphic enhancements, I'd rather play on a PSP/with a controller.

XCOM;:; Another one that has quite the history and following... For very good reason... And I love this version of the game. So much so that I wound up getting it on Steam after picking it up for iOS. I still prefer playing on the phone.

Phoenix HD;:; This is the game that got me into Bullet Hell games on the touch screen. I bought it way back when it was just Phoenix before they pulled it and rereleased the HD build... Had no problems paying again, and again, and again (every IAP, the day it came out). It's IAP done right as well... Each ship is COMPLETELY different, making the gameplay change to the point where it's almost a different game in the same skin. It's clear the developers have put tons of thought and care into every detail of the game, and the leaderboards are pretty nifty as well (location based, sorted by town, state, country, continent and then, of course, the world, different boards for each ship as well as combined totals... Great stuff!). This is actually THE SHMUP that I've dumped the most hours into on any gaming platform.

ESPGaluda II;:; ESPGaluda, on MAME, was the first Cave game I ever played. ESP2, on the touchscreen, was the second. As big of a fan of shoot-em-ups as I am, this is the only other title within the genre to get on this list. This was also the first Cave title that I really got into the scoring mechanics for. It's the reason I stuck with all the other Cave titles... Knowing that they could be just as rewarding as ESPGaluda. Some even more-so, though I still haven't dedicated as much time to those titles as I have to this. It'll hold a special place in my memory banks for a long, long time.

That is it.

There are games that I've played over 200 hours that are in the AppStore, but those hours were not put into the iOS versions (played on different consoles/platforms)... Like....

Sonic 1+2
Final Fantasy VI+VII

And then games that I KNOW will hit that 200 hour mark in the next year;:;

Templar Battleforce;:; This really has become something special over the course of its 13 updates in 8 months of existence on the AppStore. It's gone up to the #3 spot on my favorite SRPG list (right under FFT & XCOM), and the game that got me into the Trese Brothers. Wonderfully fantastic, refreshing, mind-blowingly supportive with their games post-launch. And with the NG+ and added extra super duper spiffy hard difficulty that's unlocked after you beat the game on the original hardest difficulty, this game ain't goin' nowhere and is gettin' played to death.

I Keep Having This Dream;:; I'm not really sure what it is about this game that makes me click with it so much, or why I like it so much when I suck so bad... But it's hooked me, and I know that eventually I'll be able to see everything this game has to offer. Even if it takes me years to do so. The different snags and events to unlock help add quite a bit to the game as well. Almost like slowly unlocking an added expansion over time. I can't even adequately describe this game to people, I usually just have them play a couple games on my phone... In its description it says it's a puzzle RPG, but that never really gets the point across. A tile-based, Roguelike-influenced, dungeon-crawler type puzzle game... I dunno... But I love it.

868-Hack;:; Michael Brough got me into roguelikes. Zaga33 started it for me but 868-Hack really hit it home. This and IKHTD are my 'go-to' games whenever I've got a minute or two to spare and have been on a consistent basis since buying each of them. I don't see that changing any time soon...

Woo... There we go... =oD

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