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App description: Unleash your inner pilot, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to fly!

Welcome to StarFly! Do you have what it takes to fly over the universe avoiding obstacles in a mystifing maze?

Control the two stars at the same time and drive them into a tunnel where every block is a deadly collision.

Going forward you will collect sparks to speed up or slow down your space trip. Learn how to fly in this new interconnected way. How far can you go?

Unlock all different colors and skins combinations to personalize the tunnel graphic environment and maximize your visual experience.

Use the single player mode as a training ground for the real challenge: real-time online multiplayer race! Challenge people from all around the world and try to be the best in the global leaderboard or in the local one. Invite your friends to beat you, and when you'll be at the top, pay attention: all other pilots will try to steal your crown!

- Tight and fast paced gameplay
- Amazing graphics
- Simple controls
- Unlockable colors or graphics to customize your tunnel
- Real-time multiplayer mode
- Endless hours of flying fun

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Thank you for flying with us!

lSoLlAKirA's comments:

Hi guys. My name is Simone Trimarchi from Rome and i work in Tiny Games (same guys of Fury Roads Survivor). In the past i did all for gaming: i became Starcraft Italian champion in 2001 after that i wrote in magazines and on internet, i opened a blog, i was a youtuber, i was in TV speaking about my passion.
What i didn't do ever is making a videogame. Thanks to my actual job and to TechBee, a young indie developer based in Ukraine, i finally did something as a designer (20% ... the 80% credits goes to Vladimir Sakhan real creator of the game).

That something is called StarFly and you can play it for free right now. I really hope that you will like the game and, if you don't, i'm here to collect good feedback from this community so we can try to do our best to improve the project.

Give it a shot, you won't regret! See you in multiplayer mode

Download links:
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1115642123?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ygames.starfly
06-15-2016, 03:15 AM
Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 5
Cool! I like it! Congratulations with release!

06-15-2016, 04:52 AM
Joined: Apr 2016
Location: Rome
Posts: 43
Thanks a lot!!!
06-15-2016, 10:09 AM
Joined: Jun 2016
Posts: 3
So cool and so hard!!!
My record is 247 score!
06-15-2016, 02:55 PM
Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 5
Wow! My record is only 203
06-15-2016, 09:39 PM
Joined: Dec 2015
Posts: 232
Nice game but the energy system ruins it.
06-15-2016, 10:40 PM
Joined: Mar 2014
Location: Reno, NV
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Originally Posted by Mrbestapps View Post
Nice game but the energy system ruins it.
Good to know. I was looking for an IAP to remove any energy system etc.
06-16-2016, 03:48 AM
Joined: Apr 2016
Location: Rome
Posts: 43
Originally Posted by Svetik View Post
So cool and so hard!!!
My record is 247 score!
Hi Svetik.

Well... wow, good high score, even if mine is better

Anyway about the game being too hard. You're definitely true and what we're doing with our first update (coming up next week i hope) is making the game way easier in the beginning.

A lot of people, also great gamers, said to me that the game is too hard and this is for sure a bad sign. I honestly think that this is a game in which you can improve game by game and seeing yourself getting better. So maybe i don't think it's "too hard" if you get into it (if i can have some feedback from you on this issue i'd like it very much) but i'm sure that the beginning of the tunnel and the experience is too hard. We're changing that... because this is scaring people away from playing our game. So we want players to be happy in playing from the first game.

Originally Posted by Mrbestapps View Post
Nice game but the energy system ruins it.
My record is 247 score!
Ok, on this issue. I perfectly understand you guys but... what can we do? We have to make money from the game and, at the moment, we don't have something like different stars to choose from (we only have colors), or power-ups. So we tought that an energy system a la Candy Crush could be the best thing for our game. Maybe you're right, we need to put an IAP in which you get infinite energies (at the moment we got 5 more energy slots + remove ads). If you guys have some ideas about monetiziation of an app like this just tell us, we will take it into serious consideration.
However i have to say that giving you FIVE enegy just for watching a single video ad feels like OK to me. I mean... you play, you have fun, you want to play more, you just see a 30 seconds video and you get 5 more lives. I'm sure that all people want everything to be free but this projects costs us months and months of work, we have to gain money in some way.

Thanks for all your feedback and sorry if i wrote an answer that long For everything else, i'm here.
06-20-2016, 06:42 AM
Joined: Jun 2016
Posts: 3
lSoLlAKirA, thanks, but my new record is 284! How can I do share my results (I mean facebook or twitter)?
06-20-2016, 07:54 AM
Joined: Jun 2016
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My daughter's score ))
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