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App description: Welcome to THEFT Inc. A crime syndicate that operates in deep secrecy to steal the most valuable items around the world.

Are you ready for a life of crime? Become our new recruit and download this action-packed stealth game now!

Just some of the awesome features:
- Unique stealth play
- Many cool gadgets to unlock
- Take-downs (Neutralize guards and drag them out of sight)
- Multiple campaigns with many missions
- Control the environment (destroy lights, eliminate security cams)

Game-play TIPS
1. Use the dark shadows
Watch your stealth visibility indicator at the bottom/right of the screen closely to see how visible you are. By staying in the dark shadows you will remain invisible to the guards and this allows you to sneak past them undetected.

2. Use gadgets wisely
As you complete missions you're arsenal of gadgets and gear expands, but your resources remain limited. Use your ammunition wisely throughout the missions as you may come cross critical situations when you will desperately need your weapons.

3. Drag guards into the shadow
To avoid any later detection of knocked out guards you need to be sure to drag them out of sight into a dark corner or behind cover. Detection of a guards leads to the alarm being raised and will negatively impact your stealth % score.

4. Be patient
They key to any stealth game is to be patient and observe the situation and then take measured and planning action accordingly.

Like stealth games or thief games? Download this free game now!

Techzamazing's comments:

06-22-2016, 05:25 PM

If I would squinny my eyes and turn off the InGame Sound/Music I could start to believe that I`m playing like an very early Tech Build of an Mobile Splinter Cell Game from a couple of years ago that someone found at Gameloft/Ubisoft and leaked it on the Internet.

The Basics are there, the Game only does miss like more Animation and the Leveldesign definitly should get reworked again since the Glitches like missing Textures or Objects that are either complete put where they don`t belong or were just left still on the map also they aren`t needed at all are kinda very annoying.

All I can say about the Game is that it`s not anywhere near to be the next Mobile Splinter Game but those that are into the Genre might give it a try and maybe might like it and spent more time with it then they might expect it first .