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Anyone has a SIMPLE game idea you want see implemented?

06-17-2016, 08:49 PM
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Anyone has a SIMPLE game idea you want see implemented?


So I have some spare time to write up a game but is lacking some ideas. If you have a game idea that is simple and you want to see it implemented, post below! The only requirement I ask is again, simple. Simple to control, simple concept. For example - ZigZag, floppy birds, super hexagon. Anything that only requires a sequence of touch anywhere on the screen throughout the whole game is optimal.

Games that are slightly more complicated are welcome too. That is anything that requires a little more directional control, like temple run.

Everyone is welcomed to post. I will choose 1-2 best ideas!
06-17-2016, 10:27 PM
Please please make a nice minimalist looking Solitaire that doesn't suck or have ads.

Or, how about:

A Dungeon Slots-style game but with colorful minimalist design, since they aren't bothering to support the game anymore.

A single player portrait-oriented poker game

A Dungeon Raid style game but updated
06-17-2016, 11:33 PM
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I honestly had thought about a game

One button to jump and the character shoots incrementally. Enemies fly on the screen or walk toward you and you have to learn the increments of the shots and time them with the approaching enemies. I'd say 8bit sprites kinda like a megaman but your still. The games built by wave increments so the levels can change BUT if the enemies are varied, the levels can just be pallet swaps. I'd start of with 2-4 enemy types, all of them melee types. Flying ones, swimming ones, walking and jumping ones.
You also can add one button to jump, and one button to shoot if you wanted
What do you think?