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App description: NinjAwesome - the best ninja game ever!

Use skillful swipes to hurdle perilous traps and snatch mischievous bouncing coins!

Rush through the pixellated plants, swiftly slashing wicked enemies, sniping foes with shuriken as you leap!

Complete the tests of the ninja - Assassination, Infiltration, Sabotage, Espionage, and Wandering - to satisfy your destiny!

- Upgrade your mystical Ninja Powers!
- Collect many Deadly Shuriken!
- Master 5 types of Secret Missions!
- Compete in the zen-like Endless Mode!

Download NinjAwesome now to join the ancient and sacred order of the ninja!

diffusion8r's comments:

This is pretty decent, and I didn't find the free-to-play aspects too overbearing as there is a cool endless mode, definitely give it a shot!
06-22-2016, 06:50 AM
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Downloading and fingers crossed that iap are gentle

I got through about five missions before I hit a timer to keep playing or could watch a video, so that was annoying. Theres also a dual currency system. The "coin" things can be used on upgrades and gems can be used to open a chest if you don't want to wait 10 min. When you complete a mission, one of the rewards is a chest. The problem is that you can only have four chests in your inventory. You then have the choice of waiting for the chest to open when the timer expires, use a couple of gems to open, or complete the mission and not receive a chest.

This game could be fun but not sure how long I'll stick with it given all the moving parts with iap.

Would gladly pay an iap to get rid of the shenanigans and make this a "premium" game.

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06-22-2016, 07:15 AM
Joined: Jan 2015
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Takes a bit time to get used to the controls, but they work fine. There are missions that make playing a lot more interesting. The missions have timers, but while you wait for new missions you can always play the endless mode. This has a chest system similar to clash Royale, but with shorter timers. You can upgrade your skills with coins. The levels are procedurally generated and that kills the running through the level flow a bit too often. Personally I like it when runners have a great flow.
06-22-2016, 07:45 AM
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-no doubler
-no cloud transfer
-not responsive enough controls
-level design that stops your flow with height obstacles

That last year's samurai runner game could give some lessons to this one. It could shape up to something great, and it's great that the dev has the option to send them feedback directly.
06-22-2016, 05:08 PM

After half an hour with the Game I am suprised that after a very monotonous start the Game really grow on me and I had some fun with it as soon as I had upgraded the first time some of my skills and got slowly better in the Game.

Considering that NinjAwesome is one of those Games that only let you play a couple of minutes till you have to take a break or invest some Diamonds and/or watch some Ads to be able to move forward in the Game it`s still enjoyable if you are into those kind of Games where you just play them for a few rounds before you get back to work or whatever you had done ahead of loading up the Game.

Still since there is not any kind of Story at all in the Game I`m unsure if I will keep the Game on my iDevice at the current moment if I would run out of space.
06-22-2016, 07:22 PM
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Level generation can be occasionally unforgiving and getting hit once can lead to a chain of hits consuming all your hearts in one mistake. Kinda brutal but if you like that kind of perfect gameplay, you could give the game a go.

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06-22-2016, 10:21 PM
I REALLY REALLY want to like this game. I like the controls and the levels and the premise of the game. But there is no Doubler currency IAPs, only consumable IAPs and NO iCloud save support. Tons and tons of upgrades that hope you make purchases. Again delete the game and poof it's gone.

I'm going to email the devs, or atleast try to, and see if they can address the issues. It's all fixable. I love the Shuriken combat. I love the artwork. I was really looking forward to this too. So let's see what the devs might be able or willing to do.

06-22-2016, 11:11 PM
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Anyone know if IAP disable ads? That's my only con with the game.
06-23-2016, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Eoghann View Post
Anyone know if IAP disable ads? That's my only con with the game.
If they could add this option I'd be all over it. Of course I downloaded it. But I always download a couple of the free ones each week. And the rest are premium games I buy. There's a reason the Hot Games list consists mostly of premium games all the time. But once in a while there's a free gems in the free game world too. Especially if they offer more than just consumable IAP's.
06-26-2016, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Eoghann View Post
Anyone know if IAP disable ads? That's my only con with the game.
Play the game in flight mode