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App description: Conquer planets and mine resources in galaxies throughout the universe in this addicting clicker / idle / incremental game! Utilizing a simple tap and drag of your finger, Click and Conquer: Space Age features an incredible amount of depth, strategy, collectables, upgrades, achievements, and of course, tapping.

Set in the infinite vacuum of space, begin the game with just one weak ship, but quickly tap your way to an infinite amount of wealth, power, and numerous ally ships to aid you in your efforts. Put your dexterity to the test in the fast-paced conquest mode to defeat your enemies and conquer planets for idle income. When the game slows down, Prestige to reset your game for a huge reward that will allow you to progress further and quicker than before.

- Infinite gameplay! Constantly progress further and further on each play-through!
- Idle play! Allow Extraction Bots to do all the tapping for you, Patrol Squads to increase idle income for you, and your Ally ships to do all the fighting for you!
- Active play! Sure, you can play idle, but if you really want to progress quickly, tap tap tap away and upgrade often.
- Offline progress! No internet connection required, and continue earning coins when the game is closed.
- Conquer increasingly defended planets to earn an idle gold income and stars for upgrades. Drag your finger to fire at enemies while avoiding their shots in this arcade style space shooter. Beware of the powerful bosses!
- Hire Patrol Squads to defend the vast Light Years of space within your conquered territory, and earn idle income from their successes.
- Explore resource planets and tap as fast as you can to manually extract gold and gems for upgrades.
- Upgrade your ships' damage, health, and skills in the Workshop to make them more and more powerful.
- Prestige to earn and collect Tech Cards, Blueprints, and Alien Schematics, all of which have unique benefits that help you push further on your next play-through.
- Over 150 unique permanent Tech Cards that effect and benefit you in every aspect of the game, from tapping to idling to conquering.
- Over 25 unique powerful Blueprints to collect and level up that will benefit you in various parts of the game.
- Over 10 unique powerful Alien Schematics to collect and level up that will benefit you in various parts of the game.
- Complete side missions for quick rewards!
- Traverse through asteroid fields and destroy any in your path for bonus resources!
- Work your way up to owning all 20 ally ships and all 20 Patrol Squads, and let their skills and power benefit you in battle!
- Each ship has powerful bonus skills to level up that will increase their effectiveness in battle.
- Play every day for an increasingly better daily reward!
- Strive to complete achievements to earn huge rewards.
- Impressive, space-themed graphics, setting, sounds, and music.

Click and Conquer: Space Age is sure to keep you entertained and antsy to push further for that next Prestige. Enjoy your conquering!

Tbiz5270's comments:

Most Recent Update (v1.41 - Oct 8, 2016)

Update v1.41 is now available in the App Store. Please update your games!

App Store link:


List of Changes
- Added a "Sort ships by DPS" option to the conquer menu where you select which ships to bring into battle.
- New Blueprint "Storm Spotter" to decrease asteroid storm timer by 30 secs.
- Asteroid storms now occur much more often, meaning you get more awesome rewards from them! The timer now constantly counts down, rather than only while extracting.
- New side mission to conquer the next LY planet without getting hit once (big reward).
- Fixed the captain side mission bug.
06-23-2016, 02:39 AM
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Are the bonuses that the ships get when you upgrade them with gems only active when they are enlisted and in battle? If so, it would be awesome if they were listed at the bottom of the conquest screen so you can see what bonuses are active during battle.

06-23-2016, 07:32 AM
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The "Passive Skills" that you upgrade with gems are active all the time, whether you use the ship in battle or not. You will notice that if you get the upgrade for +15% DPS for all ships, you can see Galactica's DPS go up right then and there, and if you test it in explore mode, you will see you are getting extra coins with the upgraded DPS.

So, Passive Skills are always in effect at all times no matter what, but Active Skills are only active in battle and for the currently enlisted ships.
06-28-2016, 06:10 PM
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Update v1.1 is now Available!

Version 1.1 of Click and Conquer: Space Age is now available in the App Store! Thanks again for all the feedback from you players - you have inspired many of the changes included in this update! Please let me know what you think of the update.

List of Changes
- Idle income earned from conquering planets has been significantly increased, so that it is more in line with how much you can earn from tapping.
- Patrol Squads - a new form of earning idle income, without having to play as much of the conquer mini-game. Patrol squads will earn income by idly conquering planets (within the range you've already conquered) on their own, and can be upgraded to increase the gold/sec they earn. This section will work like Adventure Capitalist style, with progress bars filling up to receive the payments.
- One new Tech Card and one new Blueprint to benefit your Patrol Squads.
- Completely reworked ship upgrades. Before, the initial purchase of a ship was all you needed - it was super powerful right away and upgrading it wasn't really worth the money. That is not the case anymore. The initial stats of each ship has been significantly lowered, but upgrading them is much quicker. This encourages upgrading them past their initial purchase, and also puts them more in balance with the enemy stats. Due to this change, your stats will seem much higher, and earnings from tapping and such will be much better.
- The stats for enemy ships has also been greatly increased to keep them in line with the new ship upgrades/stats.
- There are now only 30 enemies to defeat to conquer a planet, and they spawn faster, so levels aren't so long and boring anymore.
- The star cost for Active Skill upgrades was reduced quite a bit. Also, the star rewards from watching ads / daily play bonus has been increased.
- The Cluster Gun skill was improved to have more bullets and a wider range.
- Your initial offline earnings was raised from 1% to 5%. This can be increased further through Tech Cards and Blueprints.
- New Blueprint to increase offline earnings.
- Prestige button on main menu will glow if you have conquered a high enough Light Year to Prestige.
- Achievement button on main menu will glow if an Achievement is available to be claimed.
- Small "X" button added within the conquering mini-game, allowing you to retreat from the battle and end it early.
- On the Conquest LY selection screen, you will only be pushed to the next LY after conquering a planet you have not yet conquered before. So, for example, if you are farming a boss level, you can just keep replaying it without having to back up to select it again.
- New "Help" button added to main menu that links to you the "General Help and Tips" post on the subreddit.
- Several minor text / visual changes.

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06-30-2016, 05:56 PM
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Update v1.11 is now Available!

Update v1.11 has been released. Almost all changes are focused on speeding up the game so that you can get further quicker. Please update your game from the App Store.

- Major Tech Card rebalancing/improvements. Prestiging and collecting these cards will be much more beneficial than before, and therefore significantly help you push further and quicker for your next prestige.
- New "Mining Guild" Tech Card to earn more gems from tapping (increases the amount of gems you earn, not the chance/rate of getting them).
- Major Blueprint rebalancing/improvements. The bonuses applied from all of these has also been increased, to make earning them from Prestige much more beneficial.
- New "Jackpot!" Blueprint that appears much less often than others, but is very powerful if you can get it. It gives +100% DPS and HP for Galactica, and +50% DPS and HP for all other ships.
- Lowered boss's HP a bit.
- The idle income earned from Patrols was greatly increased.
- The gold and gems you earn from asteroid fields was increased.
- The gold, gems, and stars you earn from the daily play reward and watching ads has been increased.
- Various minor text / visual fixes.
07-06-2016, 05:46 PM
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Update v1.12 is now Available!

v1.12 Changes
Released 6/6/2016

This update is focused on speeding up the game, increasing idle income, and saving your poor little fingers from so much tapping!

- New "Extraction Bots" Tech Card to auto-tap for you while at a resource extraction planet.
- New "Automation" Blueprint to auto-tap for you while at a resource extraction planet.
- New "Lucky Blast" Tech Card to raise the chance for bonus experience from tapping.
- New "Familiarity" Tech Card to increase the bonus experience earned from a 'Lucky Blast'.
- New "Fast Track" Blueprint to increase the bonus experience earned from a 'Lucky Blast'.
- New "Enhanced Engines" Tech Card to decrease the time it takes for Patrol Squads to conquer new planets for extra idle income.
- Completely reworked Patrol Squads to be much more valuable by having them constantly increase your gold / sec as they conquer new planets on their own, rather than simply reward you bulk coins every once in a while.
- Rebalanced Galactica's upgrade cost to be slightly cheaper, especially as it reaches a higher level where the game slows down and the upgrade isn't really worth the cost anymore.
- Rebalanced enemy ship stats to not increase so dramatically at higher levels when everything else in the game slows down.
- Significantly increased the stars earned from conquering.
- Lowered the requirements needed for many of the Achievements.
- Various minor bug fixes.
07-07-2016, 07:34 PM
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Update v1.13 is Available!

Update v1.13 was just released. No big changes in this one. Just fixed a few minor bugs and added the preview video to the App Store.
07-07-2016, 08:39 PM
Calling all TA clicker fans....gotta check this one out. A lot of depth and I like the retro graphics.

GameCenter: Havelcek
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07-08-2016, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Havelcek View Post
Calling all TA clicker fans....gotta check this one out. A lot of depth and I like the retro graphics.
Thanks! Glad you're enjoying!
07-08-2016, 07:03 PM
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Huge Update (v1.2) in Development

I've just begun work on a massive update, v1.2. Here is a list of changes going in:

Conquer Battle Types
- Normal Round - Every odd numbered LY (1, 3, 5, 7, etc). Normal 30 enemy battle like how it is today.
- Speed Round - Every LY ending in a 2 (2, 12, 22, etc). Enemies have less HP but increased DMG. They spawn twice as fast and more than normal can appear on the screen at one time.
- Lonely Round - Every LY ending in a 4 (4, 14, 24, etc). Normal 30 enemy battle but they have slightly less HP, but you can only enlist Galactica by itself.
- Boss Round - Every LY ending in a 6 (6, 16, 26, etc). Normal boss round like how it is today.
- Dark Round - Every LY ending in a 8 (8, 18, 28, etc). Battle a mirror of yourself, a dark Galactica ship with the same stats as you. His shots will have pauses in them so you have a chance to hit him. Two random enemy ships will also spawn with him.
- Captain Round - Every LY ending in a 0 (10, 20, 30, etc). Regular boss round but with two additional enemies constantly spawning.

Side Missions - Various tapping, upgrading, conquering, etc. tasks with a time limit that provide decent rewards.

Patrol Squad Skills - These will now have upgradeable passive skills that increase their income or speed or decrease their cost.

New Tech and Blueprints
- Tech to decrease your ship size.
- Tech to increase enemy ship size.
- Tech to increase your ships' rate of fire.
- Tech to decrease enemy rate of fire.
- Tech to decrease Active Skill timers.
- Tech to increase the effects of Passive Skills.
- Tech to decrease the number of enemies in a conquer battle.
- Tech to decrease the number of LY you are reset after a Prestige (so you can be set back only 5, rather than 10 LY, for example).
- Tech to increase the number of shots an Active Skill fires off.
- Blueprint to increase the effects of Passive Skills.
- Blueprint to decrease the number of enemies in a conquer battle.

Asteroid sizes were increased a bit to make them easier to tap.

New Achievement for completing certain amounts of side missions.

Raised Jackpot! Blueprint to +200% Galactica DPS and HP rather than 100%, to make it more valuable since it is fairly rare to show up.