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App description: Are you ready to SMASH THE OMNIVERSE?

SMASH SQUAD is the fast-paced, top down physics battler where rival crews of zany Heroes bash into each other in the pursuit of intergalactic victory! Assemble an unstoppable team using the universes greatest weirdos, then smash your way through strongholds filled with evil villains and devilish drones. Pull, unleash and smash your way to victory!

Its like a fantasy shuffle-board battler! Everyone so far

Recruit dozens of characters! Wield tons of awesome powers! Use your winnings from each battle to power up and evolve your Heroes! Blow your friends minds with flashy, calculated bank shots. Do you have what it takes to become the multiverses greatest trick shot master?


Fling your Heroes into battle and take down the enemy squad one by one. Smash through your foes with their dynamic abilities and devastating Ultras!

Unlock dozens of rad characters and send them forth into battle! Evolve your Heroes to power them up even further, then build the perfect team to Smash your way through every stronghold!

Challenge your competition on the leaderboard. Gain rewards by smashing through opposing squads and climb the leaderboard for even bigger, exclusive rewards!

The Omniverse is constantly under assault by endless waves of enemies, and its up to you to keep them at bay! Events are themed challenges where you earn points for each foe you defeat, and climb your way up the Leaderboard to earn epic treasure!

Lacking in power? Rip open a Portal to another dimension to discover prized resources and mighty Heroes to recruit! Theres even special portals that accompany each Event!

Test your entire collection in the Gauntlet the ultimate trial of endurance! How many battles can you crush when your Heroes only live once? Fight your way up the mountain to earn incredible prizes!

*** NOTE: *** Smash Squad requires an internet connection to play and is optimized for iPad 4 or newer tablets and iPhone 5S or newer phones. Older devices may experience additional issuesand instability when playing the game.

Echoseven's comments:

Appears to be different from the previous release, or at least under a different name. Regardless, it's out worldwide now too if that's what you're into.
06-24-2016, 04:48 AM
Wargamings mobile division, WG Cells launched their new game Smash Squad on iOS

Hey all!

You can download the game here.

Enjoy, comment and rate positively!
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06-24-2016, 12:02 PM
Joined: Oct 2014
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First impressions after a few minutes are positive.

Slick interface and gameplay, very polished presentation. NO (!) energy yet! some currencies though, gameplay is like a hold and shoot onto target pinball game with bouncing into enemies or walls etc. doing damage, different characters have different abilities which means they need to be used in different ways. Dunno if I will keep playing but it seems decent so far. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Edit: NEVERMIND! There is an energy bar on every character and every match you play with them they deplete one of 3 chunks of it. Every chunk takes 30 minutes to regenerate (or maybe all 3 together? can't confirm this at the moment).

This could be ok though... depending on how generous the ressources are this just means you do not go for one ultra strong team, but different teams with different compositions etc. There is also a bench now. Characters on the bench do not lose energy if they do not have to fight. They replace a fighter of yours, if one died. So a full team consists of 5 fighters. I will keep checking this as I have enough cash to buy 3 more now, we'll see!

Final Edit: alright so here goes the f2p about this game... as far as I can see and understand, it's a lot of stuff!

1. There are chests that reset after X hours (6-8 or so) with ressources and a rare chance for a character.

2. You have gold which is mainly earned by completing missions. You can buy 1-3 star heroes with that and presumambly more stuff.

3. Every character has an energy bar of 3 (could not see if i can give one more than 3 units of energy) which deplete every time they play mission, regardless of if they die or not. This seems to be the limiting mechanic in terms of how much you can play in one sitting.

4. there are beans which is level up currency for heroes, earned by completing levels.

5. There are gems, earned by achievements, daily chests, rare things for the "real deal" 3-5 star heroes after 10 spins (= 3000k gems) you get a guaranteed 4 star. So getting 5 stars is basically just luck. This breaks it for me right here but for the sake of it...

6. There are purple level stones for evolving characters. Which you accquire kind of slowly. I cannot say if you can evolve them up to max stars yet, sorry.

7. Lastly you can buy lots of stuff for real money of course but as far as I understand the promotion you can only buy a 100 gems every day for 5 day pack + 1000k instant gems for 10 €. Least amount of gems is 500 for 5 €, you need 300 to get a chance at a hero 3+ stars... I don't know. After playing for about an hour or a bit less than that I only have about 143 gems with my dailys mainly (?) completed. Way to few for me.

There is PvP which the whales will win obviously but it is another source which drains your energy....

I quit here. The energy thing is very tricky, as it may or may not work out but with the limited ressources available it will be very, very tricky to keep multiple teams active and playing on a pretty high level even for the campaign later on...

The f2p stuff is super convoluded and I had to make a lot of assumptions WHICH MEANS THAT SOME POINTS MAY BE WRONG!!!!

I just don't feel like putting up with this until it comes to the super grindy part, because even though this game has a very quality style, visual etc. to it the gameplay is not that enjoyable over a very long amount of time (though I am at the beginning so it may be later!) etc.

yeah passing. 2/5

* Good production quality
- F2P System seems unfair
- Best heroes not clearly obtainable only luck decides
- Gems seem expensive
- Gameplay misses a bit of variety even early on

Last edited by forsakenxe; 06-24-2016 at 12:37 PM.
06-26-2016, 10:18 AM
Honestly this is one of the few non premium titles I've invested some time in, that I really REALLY like!
06-26-2016, 12:29 PM
Joined: Nov 2013
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I really love the game, the concept...but not the TIMER thing and other PAY WALL. Please MAKE IT PREMIUM. Or at least something that we can get rid of pay walls and TIMERS. To be honest, the mechanic of making a " hero " unable to compete in more than three combat in a row is ok, but to make things really interesting, I would have made a rule where the players need to let the exausted heroes out of the battle a number of time, ie, the hero pass 2 battle, to gain one level of stamina, and do forth until the stamina is full. Anyway, I like the game, but I will not play it for very long if I dont have the possibility to purchase it and get rid of pay timer, pay walls . Make it premium please.
07-12-2016, 07:56 AM
Loved this game till it started crashing non-stop. Can't even open it now on my ipad air 2.
07-13-2016, 12:47 AM
Originally Posted by Dema9o9ue View Post
Loved this game till it started crashing non-stop. Can't even open it now on my ipad air 2.
Delete old version. Install new version. Fixed non stop crashes for me. Your game data is saved on server so you won't lose progress.