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App description: [Introduction of Game]
The Classic Card RPG mobile game, Minimons Arena, will be launched in 2016 worldwide!

It features hundreds of the Minimoncharacters and their unique skills from the famous comic, along with vivid 3D graphics, and familiar plots.

It involves the classicgameplay of Pocket seriesonGBA and NGS, and recreates the core game mechanicsof collection, development, cultivation and equipment forging.

[Special Play Method]
Collect Minimons and create your own team!

Asthe main character grows he has the chance to get all kinds of Minimon pets. 6 Minimon pets can be sent into battle at the same time, and with some other help players can build their own special pet army.

Rich Skill Combos: No more simple Patterns

Normal skills, super moves, skill combos, advanced skills, AOE skills, single skills and more. The skills for one Minimon can be changed in several ways, not to mention other additional skills and debuffs. There are many PVP and PVE choices for players.

Online Dungeon combat:Fight with the Supreme Boss

The game allowsplayers of all servers online in Dungeons, players can team-up to challenge the Supreme Boss. Team members will be able to help each other and make progress together!

Overturn traditions: Combine strategy and Story

To prevent the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation!To denounce the evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! Jessie and James team up to become Team Rocket, and blast off at the speed of light!
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The pictures are all wrong, in game it's all actual Pokemon