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Animelee - Animals Fighting Game [Free Game]

06-28-2016, 05:38 AM
Animelee - Animals Fighting Game [Free Game]

Have you ever wanted to fight a grizzly bear as a chicken? Then this is for you!
We're excited to share our newly released free Android game. Each of the 12 animals in the starting roster focuses on a unique fighting style. Travel across the world for intense, high speed combat.

Animelee features high speed combat and fluid combo connections. Between Chicken, Bear, Giraffe, and more, there are five different character classes. Each class features a unique play style, allowing players to find a character thatís just right for them. To keep battles dynamic, each animal features a unique moveset and play style that sets them apart from every other animal.

To mix things up, players can collect power-up hats through a claw machine minigame. These hats can provide minor boosts in battle, or totally mix up the dynamic by offering powerful new abilities.

Animals can power up during battle, and temporarily transform into powerful forms after maxing out their energy.

Players can instantly start multiplayer battles together using the Animalink system. All it takes is pointing the device camera of the guest player at the host playerís screen and the match starts immediately.

Use your in-game currency on the built-in voting system to decided which animals will Animelee. And since you picked the new content, you get it FREE in future updates. In fact, everyone can have them for free! Help us reach more players around the world and more free content will be added to the game as thanks!

See gameplay in the reveal trailer here!
In Animelee, you have the right to bear arms.

Find Animelee for free in the Google Play Store: https://goo.gl/GSS19R

-Starting Roster of 12 characters!
-New characters added regularly based on YOUR votes.
-Built-in voting in-game lets YOU decide the new free content!
-Collect and wear a wide variety of HATS to power up your fighters.
-Log in every day to earn rare and unique rewards!
-Battle across 12 stages around the world!
-Experience an epic saga of adventure and mystery.
-Battle friends (and enemies) with Player-to-Player battles over Wi-Fi and mobile data.
-Start local multiplayer games instantly with *Animalink! No effort needed!
-Build up energy and unleash unbelievable special attacks
-Max out your energy gauge to transform into legendary forms and gain new powers!
-Potentially infinite combos!
-Daily Log-In rewards can earn you unique, powerful items!
-Take photos of your battles with in-game snapshot feature to share with friends.
-Quick and easy Quality Scale settings ensures Animelee runs optimally on many devices.

Thank you for checking out our post. We hope you join us and have a blast with Animelee!
07-19-2016, 09:19 AM
New Animal! Shark Added to Roster

After reaching 7,500 players around the world, Shark joined the Animelee roster!
Daily Boss Battles are now available!

[/CENTER]Shark recently joined the roster after Animelee reached 7,500 players across all platforms. Take control of the ocean's top predator. Become an unstoppable machine. Become... jawesome.

New Daily Boss Battles push your skills to their absolute limits. Defeat bosses to recruit them into your party for Zompocalypse Mode!
07-19-2016, 03:01 PM
This game needs Sharktopus and Whalewolf.

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