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App description: "... another entertaining game [ from The Frosty Pop Corps ]..." Touch Arcade

A ball, a platform, and a hole. Mundane as individual forms, yet in concert together: magical. Teeter is a beautiful combination of impeccable design and innovative game mechanics that provide players with a singular experience found on the App Store.

Once you get past the derivative subtitle, you'll find a game of whimsy and delight, with enhanced controls for 3D Touch supported devices. And don't forget to shake your phone for a surprise!

Guiding a ball into a hole has never been more innovative, challenging, or super fun.

Oxford comma for the win!


150 levels
3D Touch enhanced
Haptic feedback support
Fun and unique balance mechanic
Sweet and accurate physics
Easter egg (shake your phone)
Beautiful graphic design
Compete with your friends for highest level
Simple tap and hold controls
06-29-2016, 09:55 AM
Cool. When does it release?
Oh, duh. It's out.

07-01-2016, 06:05 PM
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Featured in New Games We Love

Teeter is currently featured in New Games We Love and Favourite Games of Last Month on the App Store.



// Faisal & The Frosty Pop Corps
07-02-2016, 11:55 AM
Controls are a train wreck. You don't tap where you want the teeter, or even hold as it rises. It just spikes up. Short taps help, but it's not intuitive at all. Shame because it seems polished, but plays like trash.

EDIT Rebooted and maybe there is a bug. Presses worked better this time, but you can only move one side at a time. At least they weren't shooting up like previously.

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07-04-2016, 05:33 PM
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That's actually how the game is suppose to work; move one side of the bar up at a time; hence "teeter". There is also "weight" to the ball / antagonists that effect the physics. It's true to the physics engine.

What type of device are you on?



// Faisal & The Frosty Pop Corps
07-04-2016, 05:35 PM
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Thanks for sharing :)

Click image for larger version

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// Faisal & The Frosty Pop Corps
07-05-2016, 10:52 PM
Joined: Dec 2015
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Great game really! Really enjoying this very fun and unique game. Just a couple suggestions

1. The menu buttons are too small. Feels very clunky. Would it be possible to increase the size of the buttons?

2. When I play a level, at the bottom it says "made with love ect" and the teeter logo at the bottom. It would be awesome if you could remove it. Would make the game look much better

3. Replaykit support. Nothing major but it would be nice to record and share replays with friends.

4. Multitouch. Currently if you touch the screen at the same time with two fingers it doesn't respond to one of them. Would be cool if multitouch was added

Great game. Currently on level 11

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07-13-2016, 02:28 AM
Hi Frosty Pop Corps!

Nice game you have there! I love the music especially. It has those soft tones and very relaxing indeed. It reminds of the classic piano piece Canon in D (Especially the first 7 notes in the loop). I hope I can hear it on SoundCloud or something!

Next, I like the gameplay as well. It's a game which can require a lot of patience. And another plus to the music that helps me have that virtue too! Most of the time you need to raise the teeter slowly on each side in alternates. I also love the simplistic graphics and the little touches to them, like the spinning dots around the goal, or the cute rotating skulls that blink at you occasionally.

I actually find no problems with completing the game as I play a lot of physics game. Sometimes I can raise the teeter a little faster and quickly counterbalance.

However, I do have a few complaints about this game. First being the controls sometimes feel a little inconsistent. Sometimes it raises more than I want it to. I'm on an iPad Mini Retina.

Second, the difficulty curve is strange. It peaks around level 40+ or then the difficulty starts going down. I felt disappointed towards the end from the easier levels. I was expecting really difficult levels later on given the insane amount of holes at level 40+. I would love an even bigger challenge!

And I agree, the text at the bottom of the screen should be removed to improve the aesthetic feel of each level.

Great game - I look forward to more challenging levels!
08-25-2016, 09:28 AM
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Nice little game, challenge ramps up as well. Good impressions and free st the moment.
08-26-2016, 02:09 PM
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And is a 5 stars For me.