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App description: Gather heroes and form a team to go on an epic journey.

Let the Brave Battle commence!

[Game Description]
+. A new form of lengthy strategic RPG!
+. Combine unique heroes to play out various strategies!
+. The combination of auto and manual modes provide a deeper level of fun!
+. A game that players of all ages can enjoy, thanks to its easy control and simple progress!

[Game Characteristics]
+. Employ heros from a broad selection
+. Form a team of heros with strong characteristics
+. Plan strategies and change the team formation to commence battle
+. Grant special abilities to your heros by using over 20 different types of treasures
+. Evolve your heros to make them stronger
+. Gain treasures with special abilities through reincarnations
+. Enjoy adventures through the various stages


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07-01-2016, 11:41 AM
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I'll be honest- this won't be everyone's cup of tea. But it deserves at least a thread! It's sort of a idle rpg perhaps, bit like Nonstop knight. It's a bit grindy admittedly, but this is the kind of game I'd like to see more of- purely as I used to be a mmorpg player and I like this approach over Order of Chaos. Fight in level 1 zone, 10 mobs then a boss, then level 2 zone. And you have 4 abilities that 3 you got to inevitably kind of grind for.

Lol I've really sold this one. But Mobirix I might check out a bit more now.