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Introducing DungeonBalls. a Totally Different Pinball Puzzle-Solving Game

07-01-2016, 04:07 PM
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Introducing DungeonBalls. a Totally Different Pinball Puzzle-Solving Game

An independent game development team from Taiwan, Raysol Games, has finished developing

DungeonBalls, a truly unique game that blends pinball and puzzle-solving! Player-controlled heroes will

transform into pinballs, fighting battles and solving puzzles on a unique dungeon pinball platform.

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Game Introduction

The game's producer, Peter, states that the Raysol Games team has always followed the same concept when

developing a new project, which is to bring innovative ideas and break away from the traditional gaming

experience!The goal was to create a game that all members would consider fun; a game they can identify with

and feel proud for being part of the project.We believe that only by asking ourselves to achieve this goal,

combined with our passion for gaming, can we truly touch player's hearts. Hopefully, each player will be deeply

mesmerized by our game.

DungeonBalls is a game that was developed based on this concept. The game

includes the following three main elements:Numerous dungeons, unique traps, and heroes with various special

skills. Each dungeon room is the pinball platform where you launch hero pinballs to bounce around and strike

monsters, break out of traps, and collect treasures; the game also combines switches and traps in creative ways to

become a puzzle-solving game. This is the core excitement of DungeonBalls.

Background Story

On a quiet afternoon, a deafening sound broke the silence, followed by burning flames and searing heat

surrounding everything. How can the three sisters, Grin, Ice, and Ruby escape this crisis, and why did they enter

the dungeon to hunt for treasures and somehow ended up on a journey to save the world? To find out more about

the story, please keep reading the in-game comic with the same title DungeonBalls!

Game Features

The pinball puzzle-solving concept is the core feature of the game. During the game, players will first

come into contact with the way pinballs hit and bounce in the dungeons. By touching the screen, the pinballs

(heroes) will be launched to the designated location through a parabola route, like the pinballs on a pinball

platform.What players need to do is to break out of traps or inflict damage on the monsters based on each hero's

special abilities.Only four heroes can be sent out in each stage; therefore, selecting the right team to clear each

carefully designed stage can test players' strategic planning capabilities.When you encounter a puzzle or an

obstacle, as long as you observe carefully and exercise logic, you can usually grasp the rules and easily clear the

stage!If simply clearing a stage is too easy for you, why not try to achieve the three star rating for all

stages?Earning more stars not only improves the heroes' abilities, but the additional challenge will also give you

a great sense of achievement, which can be really exciting. We hope that players can fully use their creativity,

imagination, reflexes, and strategy planning capabilities to enjoy the game.

Although Raysol Games is a relative young team that was recently established, its members are mostly

veterans from the game industry who are full of great ideas and passionate about games. We embraced our

enthusiasm and devoted 120% of our efforts into the production of DungeonBalls, and we hope you will like it,


The game is released, Having 100 well-designed stages for players to enjoy. The production team

will also continue to add new stages, traps, heroes, and story comics every 2 to 4 weeks. We hope to join you on

an adventure into the dungeons!

you can download “DungeonBalls” at IOS and Android.

AppStore DownLoad Link(IAP can be bought after 4 hour)

PlayStore DownLoad Link

FaceBook Fan Page (most in chinese post now, i will do it better later, you can ask in English freely)

English Media File for Editors(free to spread out this game)

Japanese Media File for Editors(free to spread out this game)

take a look in IOS forum, i will be there!

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07-02-2016, 10:51 AM
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Buying IAP
1. A Bundle Gift Set
2. Unlock Complete Version

still need you to collect 65 star & complete stage 25

than you can go to Chapter 2 to play stage 26

if you didn't buy this IAP item, you can see chapter 2, but can't open stage 26.