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App description: Destroy IT is a pocket game created for Minecraft players. Discover huge city and assume the role of a sportsman with pixel skin which is created of cubes. Our pixel hero is armed with gun - a rocket launcher. The weapon is needed to clean up the city of steel robots. You will need help sometimes in the destruction of walking robots in this war, so you can use different tools from your toolbox:

1. Call on your cyborg
Your robot can change from bike to spaceship that looks like from universe and can get to you like a racer through the pixel town when you will need help.

2. Rise your pixel robots army
When you are out of ammo - call on yours mechanical robots from universe. Check out how they destroy your enemies using rockets or run like a gazelle through the pixel city full of buildings and collect ammunition for your gun or other resources.

3. Fly over the city using jetpack
There are vary resources on a roof of a buildings like ammunition to your rocket launcher. Use jetpack to get them and fly high over the sky.

4. Use harpoon to move more quickly
Robots can surrond you and when you are out of ammunition - the best way to consider is escape. use harpoon, to move more quickly in the pixel city.

Your robots full of power has allegiance to you, they are intrepid and they will help you in the war. But remember - they have no brain. Like steel cyborgs who also do not have the brain. That is why the battle between them in this pixel valley full of plants - will always be unpredictable.

Steel cyborgs are created in the south city. The factory is located between plants close to the highway. Conquer the empire by destroying all the factories. Rely on allegiance to your devoted soldiers, be intrepid in this war.

Take the matters into your own hands!

Save The World From Bad Robots
Build Your Own Cyborg
Discover New Locations
Meet New Skins For Minecraft
Stop Waiting, Destroy IT!

07-08-2016, 01:10 AM
Joined: May 2015
Posts: 1,302
Imho The idea is good, but i've learnt What i have to do in This Game from The description in The App Store: it severally needs tutorial and some kind of progression system like missions...

Controls are The Second problem, they need to be more accurate expecially The moviments.

Physics are another point to work out to make them better.

Ideas are good, it's ambitious, so imho it needs some more work.

Good luck man ;-)