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App description: In deep space, asteroids and enemy spaceships can destroy you. Shoot them all! Plus, perform barrel rolls and direction changes through the stars to win! This game mixes a retro arcade soul, beautiful voxels and stunning synthwave music. Achieve the maximum score and share with your friends and the world! Finally, try the new evolved mode, where you can find new enemies and more items with different power-ups.
07-11-2016, 07:48 AM

I like this game! So far I'm not even seeing any monetization. I'm kinda perplexed to be honest. I don't know how the dev is making any money. I wish he was selling the game I actually feel bad if like to throw him some money for his work.

The game reminds me of Asteroids but it really isn't. Your fighter revolves around a type of star. And you shoot enemy fighters and debri that rotator around you in a circle like gravity holding onto them rotating around you. You can change your direction and orbit around the star by swipes and you tap wherever you want to fire your weapons. You collect these yellow power ups to increase your firepower.

I love the art style. I really do. Amazing job there. The game does use google for leaderboards. I was taken aback by that it immediately signed into my google account. I wasn't expecting that. But it was fine.

The only reason I took a star off was the controls. To be honest I really really with there were more options. I wish there was either a dual analog stick system OR a single stick for aiming the weapon and leaving the swipes for movement. It would be so much better. But other than this it's a very fun high score chaser. And you've got nothing to lose by trying it as I see no forced ads. No IAP. No type of monetization whatsoever.