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App description: Topped the charts on the iTunes App Store within 32 hours of debut release! (Japan & Taiwan)
Lanota is a novel and refreshing blend of rhythm game, role-playing game and picture book for every curious mind, presented to you by indie game developers from Taiwan.

The world is being gradually etched by a disaster that deprive every color and sound. Join the adventure of Fisica and Ritmo in Lanota, explore a fog-covered map and recover the world by delicate tuning at the location of each stage, read a picture book that illustrates things happened on the journey, and collect items and pieces of music as the story progresses!

>>Awards and achievements
2016 1st International Mobile Games Awards SEA Excellence in Audio
2016 GAME STAR Taiwan Indie Game category Gold Prize
2017 Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award Best Audio

>> Storyline

History is learned through the sacred silence.

The story happens in a world much like that we used to know but somehow a little bit different.

Since two and half centuries ago, almost all of the world is lost in a colorless silence under the effect of Al Niente. The affected area can only be restored by using an artificial product from the era before Al Niente: the Notalium. However, the original method people used to produce Notalium before Al Niente has yet to be determined, and it is impossible to produce more Notalium for now. The only way to recover from the desolation and ensure a peaceful and harmony world is to make use of the remaining Notalium.

Join the journey of the main characters - Fisica and Ritmo -* *to restore the world with the Notalium tuner, change the disordered Notalium into their ordered state by tuning them, and discover a colorful world accompanied by the sound of music!

>> Features:

* Uniquely designed plate animation and 3D-falling manner add a fresh taste to the rhythm game.
* Join the adventure by reading a touching story in an artistic picture book.
* Learn more about the world in Lanota by exploring the map and collecting various items as in a role-playing game.
* 15 levels in 4 difficulties for beginners, advanced players and expert players to select charts that fit their need.
* Challenges to test your nerves and unlock more hidden features.
* Brilliant tracks by world-famous artists accompanied with the story.
* See your achievements and scores in the Game center, compete with players all over the world.
* Also share your memories in Lanota through Facebook and Twitter with your friends.
* Store your play data through the cloud save feature.
* Free trial play available for the first stages of all in-app purchase chapters.
* And more to discover by yourself!

>> Links:

Official site http://noxygames.com/lanota/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lanota/
Twitter https://twitter.com/Noxy_Lanota_EN/
07-12-2016, 01:47 PM
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I purchased Lanota and I played for about 55 minutes. If you are a fan of rhythm games, this one is spectacular. There is only one optional $3.99 in app purchase which opens up the rest of the song content which seems to be about half the game. One hundred GC achievement points as well as numerous leaderboards. There are no energy timers, no ads, etc. The gameplay and controls are spot on. You can get three different ratings after each beat: Harmony, tune, and fail. The highest rating you can get in a song is an L. You can achieve perfection purified but that's if you don't lose any combos and you get all "harmonys." It took me awhile to master the first song on easy, but again the controls are perfect. For each song there are 3 different difficulty levels. The story isn't really necessary. The detail of polish that went into Lanota is astounding, including graphics, sounds, production values, etc.. If you enjoy rhythm games that have been produced by Rayark, this one is a no brainer. The tutorial explains it all, and to see the actual gameplay, someone will probably post it here. This is the type of game that rhythm lovers should support. Quite a tiny price to be pId for such an excellent premium package.

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07-12-2016, 02:00 PM

It is pretty cool. Here is the first few levels gameplay.

07-13-2016, 03:35 AM
Joined: Mar 2013
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Better than expected...and I was damn hyped about Lanota!

Well spent 6 bucks!
Very nice spot between Deemo (story&atmosphere) and Cytus (great gameplay).
Do you want feel maximum fairy tale out of this game?
Play "The Lonely Wolf"...pure bliss!
07-13-2016, 09:34 AM
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Thanks for the review!

Developer of Lanota here, thanks for the reviews and feedback,
really happy to know that Lanota is enjoyed by players!

We are already preparing for the next update of new chapter, hope all progress be smooth and fine

Feel free to post any questions, I'll give my answer as soon as possible (or give you a hint, if the question is directed to hidden feature)

All feedback appreciated of course!

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07-13-2016, 10:54 AM
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Is there only asian music? I really do not like that sadly. Game looks fun from the video though
07-13-2016, 01:49 PM
I got this. for great fun & art.

but I would like to see the story pic when i was playing music circle.

It is a little monotonous to focus on the circle right now.

but that might be too bothering if you do that.

maybe you can try it.

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07-13-2016, 03:31 PM
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Watched the gameplay video -- this is REALLY beautiful and sounds fantastic. I'm tempted. Although I also have Deemo and have played it only two or three times, bought Lost in Harmony and still haven't played it -- I'm bad about that.

I think I may need to buy this one just to try it out - it won me over with gorgeous artwork and great music (esp when I had my can headphones on here at work) ;-)

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07-14-2016, 12:45 AM
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One of the producers, 3R2, is an amazing talent and a guy I follow on Facebook. Heard about this game there. Will have to check it out!
07-14-2016, 12:42 PM
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Regarding game play background pics

Originally Posted by Raysol Games View Post
I got this. for great fun & art.

but I would like to see the story pic when i was playing music circle.

It is a little monotonous to focus on the circle right now.

but that might be too bothering if you do that.

maybe you can try it.
Hi thank you for bringing this up!

For those who'd love to see the background art while playing, we have an option for you:

Go to "General option" in the menu, adjust the "Opacity" option:

And voila! you can see through the Notalium tuner a.k.a. plate at the transparency/opacity you've set.
(The center gear and judgeline circle are not affected)
May not be beneficial to note-reading though, especially when you set the opacity to 0% (100% transparency)

Tip: tap on the title of each option to see corresponding description!

As always, more suggestions, feedback and reviews are welcomed!

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