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App description: Build a universe like never before, and it all starts with a tap.

Tap Transcend: Rebirth is an idle/clicker style game with a twist: PvP. Help your universe unfold by tapping and battling your way through 150 story levels or against other players. Collect and upgrade your arsenal and explore the universe.

What will you discover?

- First clicker to incorporate true turn-based combat.
- 50 story missions with 3 difficulty settings.
- Hundreds of collectible resources.
- 10 spaceships to build and upgrade.
- Hundreds of equippable ship items.
- Fully integrated PvP ranking system.

Note: This game is optimized for the iPhone 6.

"Id definitely recommend downloading this clicky twist on the genre and checking it out for yourself. - gamezebo.com

"It's an interesting premise for a clicker. - toucharcade.com

"It all evolves and evolves rather beautifully. - mobiplaytime.com

It is easy enough to start by anyone, and complex enough to have the most hardcore gamers trying to get each next upgrade. - appolicious.com

Contact: thibaut@innerherostudios.com
Website: www.innerherostudios.com

Inner Hero's comments:

TouchArcade Community,

The time has come... We are very excited to announce that Tap Transcend: Rebirth has finally hit the App Store.

Tap Transcend: Rebirth is an idle/clicker style game with a twist: strategic turn-based combat. The game strikes a unique balance between these two differing genres of gaming and it is yours to download for free!

Here is our trailer:

We would love to hear any feedback to help improve the quality of the game over time. We have some future updates planned out already, and we will keep a discussion here as we evolve the game more.

We would like to thank those of you that helped out during our beta trials! It really means a lot that you guys helped us improve the quality of the game.

Time to starting tapping!

*** We have decided to give out some special codes on this special day. To redeem one of these codes, go to the store in the game, and hit the Redeem Code button at the bottom. There are 20 chronosphere packs and 5 remove ads codes below. Choose wisely as you can only put one code in per day. We plan to post more codes on this forum, possibly weekly. These codes are one-time redeemable, so it would be nice to let everyone know which code you took.

Chronosphere Packs:

Remove Ads:
07-14-2016, 04:20 AM
Joined: Aug 2015
Posts: 552
IB7L08FC redeemed. Many thanks.

07-14-2016, 06:20 AM
CTITRJJJ, thank you!
I've been looking forward to this game for a while, generous of you to give these codes.
07-14-2016, 07:44 AM
Joined: Sep 2014
Posts: 249
I beta tested this for quite awhile and believe me when i say it's one of the best clicker/idles out there. There is so much depth and replay ability it's incredible. And it's a very unique atmosphere for this genre.

And a very very giving f2p system.
07-14-2016, 11:10 AM
Joined: Apr 2016
Posts: 2
Used the JD90XCDL Code, thank you. This is a fairly good clicker thus far
07-14-2016, 12:02 PM
Took 6PL2KDL2. Really enjoyed the 1st game and so far this is looking even better!
07-14-2016, 12:02 PM
Joined: Apr 2016
Posts: 10
Used 52V7PLMW really enjoying this so far!
07-14-2016, 12:21 PM
I grabbed GXJPZLMA

GameCenter: Havelcek
BattleTag: Xerxian#1237
07-14-2016, 12:39 PM
Joined: Jul 2016
Posts: 8
Took 634OOGYB, thanks! The two below mine are claimed too (bottom three chronos)
07-14-2016, 12:41 PM
Joined: Jan 2015
Posts: 212
Really enjoyed tap transcend, will def give this a try!

e: used 0PMIKIO8, thank you so much!

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