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App description: War is imminent. A legendary magic book has been stolen that will tip the balance of power in the direction of whoever wields it. Only you can recover this manuscript of dark magic and save the world of Hamnasya from its forthcoming darkness and destruction. Become the hero of an epic interactive fantasy novel and choose the fate of an entire world.

The first part of an elaborate fantasy gamebook trilogy, Askaryls Grimoire tells the story of a young barbarian named Edhan. Tasked with recovering an ancient book of dark magic, Edhan must journey across this perilous, sprawling world in an effort to locate the thieves of the grimoire and uncover a conspiracy that could tear Hamnasya apart.

Following in the footsteps of the classic choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks, Hamnasya Askaryls Grimoire delivers an expansive world of epic mythology to explore, that is teeming with vibrant characters, terrifying monsters. Fans of choose-your-own-adventure stories and the dark fantasy genre can finally take part in the heroic quests they have always dreamed of on the move, in Askaryls Grimoire.

Combining the concepts of gamebook, RPG and trading card gameplay on hand-held devices, Hamnasya is fully illustrated and includes mini-games, a full soundtrack, combat mechanics with dice and social networking capabilities.


* RPG interface with character creation and level-up system.
* Combat system utilizing weapons, magic spells and artifacts.
* Full orchestral soundtrack with over five different tracks.
* Fully illustrated, with depictions of Hamnasya and its inhabitants.
* Tweet your victories directly from the app.
* Mini-games.
* Badges earned when certain tasks are accomplished.
* Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
* English and French language support.

Trailer: http://youtu.be/54vrIGb8eVA
Official Website: www.hamnasya.net
Blue Flame Publishing: http://www.blueflamepublishing.net
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Hmm says it's not available in the US store
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I browsed the 'appshopper' link above and..

It says the app was PULLED from the App Store. Already? I swear this post like just went up when I had checked it too. Too bad, cuz looks really interesting. Side note: if any CCG lovers have been awaiting Star Crusade to come to mobile...I just searched the New Zealand store on a whim...and omg...it looks like star crusade has been on NZ store since like April....how was this missed. I do not know how to make or post games otherwise I would do so. So, if anyone else knows how please tell me how or grab star crusade from NZ store and post it on the forums. Can't wait to try it, been waiting forever to try it on mobile. Also...really wanting to try THIS game as well hah!
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Originally Posted by Repulsa View Post
Hmm says it's not available in the US store

it's an old app removed from the store in 2014.