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App description: A game everyone can play, but only a few will master.

There are only two rules:
Tilt your phone to move your lance to hit incoming ninja stars. If you miss stars, then you lose health.

Press the buttons as they light up green. If you press the wrong button or miss the button you will lose health.

Try to stay alive as long as possible. Your best score is submitted to weekly leaderboard. You will be assigned a income that you can spend to buy new armor.

New this version:
-Armor unlocks
-Game cloud sync

vladrad's comments:
Hello All!

We are a two person team who just released our second game SSERunner. We have been working hard the last 6 months and hope you enjoy it. For our art we went Japanese wood block print style. There are 52 two unlockable (armors and horse) items!

You can view the trailer here:

The rules are simple:
-Keep pressing the green buttons when they light up. If you miss you lose health.
-Tilt your phone up and down to deflect the ninja stars. If you miss you lose health.
-Try to get as far as possible.
-Your best score is submitted to the leader board. The leader board everyday gets reset and the scores are cleared. You will get paid out daily. Remember to come back and post a new score daily, and you'll get 30 gold. If you fall into the top 10 you will get extra gold!
-With your money you can buy new armor at the black smith.

-52 armors and horses to unlock
-Daily leaderboards
-Matchmaking multiplayer. Duel Random people.
-No in app purchases of any kind. We want to keep it as competitive as possible.

Please feel free to give us any feedback. We'd love to hear it. We have some good ideas where to go next with your support.

Here is the iTunes link:

09-17-2016, 02:46 PM
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Update 3.0

Hey All!

We are back with a update to our game. We added a Map View that will place castles to most cities of the world. You can attack your local cities within 50 miles to claim them. Each city is worth 1 point and used to calculate your position in our new Power Score leaderboard.

You can access the map view in the main menu:

And then you can view your local castles you can conquer:

Here is the new Power Score leader board (Im number one right now with 3 cities claimed ).

You can refresh the map by clicking the refresh button to load markers in the new area.

Let us know if you have any feedback

We are looking at adding tournaments next... Is that something you would be interested in?