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App description: Use the unique A & B button combo to interrupt the tiny flappy blue birds sleep and not let the angry eagle flap away!

These kooky flappy blue birds fell asleep and need a brave bird to crossy the wire and wake them up away from the angry eagle. Use simple two touch system to make the red bird crossy the wire and shock the tiny flappy blue bird by waking them up. But don't crossy the eagle, he is an angry bird and will flap away. Get a shield power up to help the blue birds flap away from the eagle.

This arcade game in pixel art style features awesome animations and awesome graphics. After the red bird crossy the wire to wake up the sleepy blue bird, the tiny flappy blue bird will fly, jump, and dive through the air with their tiny wings to flap away from angry eagle bird.

Help the red bird become a hero in the city. The red bird will crossy the wire to save the tiny blue flappy bird from the angry eagle, before the eagle flaps away!

Beautiful pixel art style.
Use A and B button to make awesome combo.
Global High Score System with medals.
Earn 10 achievements

Help the tiny blue bird flappy away without crossy the angry eagle!

Play Kooky Bird and become a hero!

Renolc's comments:

08-03-2016, 10:47 PM
Nice game

A funny game. Good job man