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App description: The future of Grisly Manor lies in its past!

Greedy developers BUYCO want to build their next MegaMart superstore on the site of Grandpas newly renovated Grisly Manor!

To stop them from demolishing his home, Grandpa just needs to prove he owns the land - but this is where it gets tricky...

Being the scatterbrained inventor you know and love, the last place Grandpa remembers seeing the deed was in the old manor - back in 1999!

Explore the new house, help Grandpa repair his time machine, and travel back to the original Grisly Manor - before all of its secrets and memories are swept away forever!

You must Return to Grisly Manor and save its future!

Beautiful hand-painted graphics that draw you into this mesmerizing adventure!
Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve!
Original soundtrack and sound effects!
A journal that keeps track of all the symbols and clues that you encounter.
A dynamic map that shows all of the areas you have explored, as well as your current location.
A complete hint system built right into the game.

firemaplegames's comments:

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that our latest game, Return to Grisly Manor, is now live on the iOS, Android, and Amazon App Stores!

This game was in development for a little over two years - it's nice to finally be able to show it off!
It is our largest game by far, about 3X the size of our previous game, The Lost City.

Hopefully you'll get a chance to check it out. :-)

And sincere thanks for all the support over the years, it really keeps us going!

Warm regards,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cXq6iO2cPM">Low bandwidth Version | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cXq6iO2cPM" target="_new">Pop Up

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7tSy2HsPTU">Low bandwidth Version | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7tSy2HsPTU" target="_new">Pop Up
08-04-2016, 01:24 AM
Joined: Sep 2009
Location: Kansas
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So far I have put about thirty minutes into this game and it is fantastic. I am a fan of the first Grisly Manor game so I am really excited to see this release.

The art is fantastic, the touch controls are perfect and there are plenty of areas to explore right away.

That is it for now, back to the game.

08-04-2016, 02:53 AM
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 572
finally!! Great sequel!!
08-04-2016, 03:47 AM
Joined: May 2013
Posts: 334
Always a pleasure to see another game from one of my favourite developers. Hitting that "buy" button right now.
08-04-2016, 11:28 AM
Joined: Jan 2010
Location: New York City
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@Alex Wolf

Thanks, guys! I hope you enjoy the game!


Thanks for the kind words, Paul!
08-04-2016, 01:03 PM
Joined: Apr 2010
Location: California, USA
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Originally Posted by Alex Wolf View Post
finally!! Great sequel!!
AHA!! This one's not gonna sneak by me! I'm ON it! Been waiting for this!
08-04-2016, 01:12 PM
Joined: Jan 2012
Location: Philippines
Posts: 22,664
Woh! Loved the first one... Looks like im grabbing another game this week

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08-04-2016, 01:12 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 216
This looks really nice. Buying it now - definitely a lot of effort went into this and I wish the devs best of success!
08-04-2016, 01:39 PM
Enjoying it so far. No idea how long it is, so I might regret this. But I've been working hard on a walkthrough if anyone needs help:

08-04-2016, 05:11 PM
Joined: Dec 2009
Posts: 218
Lunacy, I noticed that the first one got two updates today, and I just tried it on my 6S+ and it seems to be working fine so far. (I've gone through the first few screens). All of Fire Maple's games are great, and as soon as I play back through the first again I'll be picking up the sequel. Highly recommended for anyone into point and click adventure games.